Top 10 Most Trusted Cyber Security Companies in India

Are you losing sleep over scammers getting illegal access to your online DATA?

Or do you own a website that is being targeted by hackers?

Are computers at your office and home protected against virus and malware attacks?

If not, it is high time you consult one of the best cyber security companies in India and get the necessary protection against hackers, phishers and other cybercriminals.


India ranks third on the list of countries most targeted by hackers and cybercriminals.

India ranks second on the list of countries attacked by phishers.

Unfortunately, India ranks fourth on the list of countries most attacked by cybercriminals with malware and ransomware.

Let me say this Straight…

Cyber criminals that attack your computer with ransomware will demand a lot of money to allow access to your data.

According to global cyber security company Symantec, the number of hacking, phishing, malware and ransomware as well as computer virus attacks on Indian computers is INCREASING DAILY.

Top 10 Cyber Security Companies in India

Top 10 Best Cyber Security Companies in India

If these figures are scary, it is high time you should consult a top cyber security company and get your website or blog protected against cybercriminals.

Also, if you are merely a computer and smartphone user, it is advisable to have a superior quality cyber security software installed at the earliest.

These 10 companies we list rank among the best cyber security providers in India.

Let’s Get Started…

1. Symantec India

Symantec India is part of the worldwide cyber security company from the US.

It is most popular for its range of cyber security solutions sold under brand name Norton. The company has a large presence in India and ranks as leading cyber security company of India.

Symantec India provides cyber security solutions to some of the largest Indian companies and Multi-Nationals (MNCs) operating in this country.

2. Quick Heal Technologies

Quick Heal Technologies Ltd ranks among India’s topmost IT security solutions company.

Quick Heal products are designed to provide ease of use and easy deployment of a variety of devices, from complex servers and mainframes to laptops, tabs and smartphones.

Quick Heal is a major cyber security provider to small and large corporations as well as Central and state government IT systems.

They have cloud-based security and advanced machine learning enabled solutions that helps to prevent hacker, phisher, malware and ransomware attacks.

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3. AVG India

Global cyber security company, AVG has extensive operations in India. Their corporate office for India is located in Mumbai.

AVG protects over 200 million active users in 170 countries against Internet-based threats, viruses, spam, cyber-scams and hackers.

AVG has been combating cybercrime for over 20 years. They have laboratories for detecting and preventing all types of cybercrimes.

AVG is very popular for its free cyber security suite that offers basic level protection for your computer and smartphones.

AVG India provides cyber security solutions to businesses and government departments.

4. Netrika Consulting & Investigation

Netrika is an all-round cyber security services provider in India.

Their team consists of former personnel of the Indian Armed Forces and police forces as well as well qualified cyber security experts.

The company offers a complete range of cyber security solutions including protecting websites and servers against cyber criminals.

They also provide services such as online risk and threat assessment, detection of cyber-attacks and cyber surveillance, among others.

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5. Indiaantivirus

Indiaantivirus is best known for its single and enterprise cyber security suite called Net Protection Anti-Virus or NPAV.

This Pune-based company has a sophisticated research and development department where they analyze various features of cyber security and find ways and means to protect single and enterprise computers.

NPAV also provides cyber security solutions for small and large companies in the country at very affordable rates.

6. Valency Networks

Valency Networks calls itself as a one-stop shop for cyber security services. Valency Networks provides cutting edge solutions for cyber security.

These include vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services for web apps, cloud apps, mobile apps and IT networks.

The company is also a leader in advisory consultancy in compliance implementations and audits such as ISO27001, HIPAA and PCIDSS.

Cyber security assessment, management, compliance and solutions are the main businesses of this Pune-based company.

7. Alten Calsoft Labs

With over 30,000 employees that serve clients in more than 20 countries, Alten Calsoft Labs is one of the best cyber security companies in India.

The company has offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, New Delhi and Pune. They also have offices in various foreign countries.

Alten Calsoft Labs offers automated and orchestrated cyber defense platforms powered by threat intelligence for the SOC and security professionals, says the company website.

They have a research and development division that creates various custom-made solutions for small and large enterprises across the world.

8. eSec Forte

eSec Forte Technologies is a CMMI Level-3 ISO 9001-2008, 27001-2013 certified global vonsultation and implementation company with headquarters in New Delhi.

The company’s core areas of operation include information security and cyber security. eSec Forte has offices in different parts of India to service its clients.

Additionally, the company also has dedicated clientele in several countries including UAE, USA, UK, Kuwait, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Malaysia, Canada, Taiwan, Egypt, Indonesia and the Philippines.

9. CyberOps Infosec

CyberOps ranks among India’s leading cyber security and information security companies.

The company has a global network for information security and cybercrime investigation.

CyberOps also conducts certified training on information security and penetration testing for security audits and cybercrime Investigation services for various industries.

CyberOps provides cyber security and information security services to financial institutions, schools, colleges and universities as well as small and large companies and government organizations.

10. Hicube

Hicube is a leading cyber security company in India. The company provides customized and specialized products and services for cyber security for its clients.

Hicube has major customers in India and is expanding its global presence in the fields of cyber security and cybercrime investigation.

They provide certified training programs in information security and offer penetration testing services as a part of full security audit for organizations.

Their cybercrime investigation services cater to the specific needs of various sectors.

Alarming Cyber Security Facts

An increase of 44 percent in cybercrime including hacking, phishing, malware and ransom ware attacks has been noticed in India, according to statistics released by National Institution for Transforming India or NITI Aayog of the Indian government.

Over 24 percent attacks were on Indian financial organizations, 15 percent on healthcare providers, 12 percent on public sector utilities and 15 percent on retail and accommodation services providers.

Over 66 percent of malware came from email attachments, 73 percent of cyber security breaches were to rob money while 21 percent were related to espionage on India and our companies, according to NITI Aayog.

Wrap Up

As a major IT hub of the world, most large companies from the US and Europe also have a significant presence in India.

These companies also provide cyber security services to their clients. The growing demand for cyber security is fueling the growth of new startups in India.

The Indian cyber security market is expected to grow by 18 percent per annum according to various reports. This will see more companies offer cyber security solutions in and from India.

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