Top 15 Elevator Companies in India

Viewing multi storied buildings in business centres of various cities has become very common to people around the nation.

Whether you visit a hospital, business centre or malls, elevators will be a necessity. Since, the buildings include 10- 20 floors, climbing up with simple stair cases will be quite difficult.

Thus, the elevator companies are present to manufacture some wonderful variety of lifts for the corporate and other industries.

List of top 15 elevator companies in India are as under

1. Kone India

  • Year of establishment- 1910 Elevator Companies
  • Products- Escalator and Elevator
  • Location- Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Official website-

This is one of the well known elevator companies that have the employment of around 3000 people within the establishment.

2. Fujitec India

  • Year of establishment- 1948
  • Products- Elevator, Escalators etc
  • Location- Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Official website-

This is a Japan based company having its market in India from the year 2004. It deals with the service, maintenance and installation of elevators.

3. Schindler Elevator

  • Year of establishment- 1874
  • Products- Lifts, Elevators, Escalator etc
  • Location- Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Official website-

This elevator company is basically a subsidiary of Schindler group which is having its base in Switzerland. This is globally accepted manufacturing company of the elevators.

4. Mitsubishi Electric

  • Year of establishment- 1921
  • Products- Variety of electrical products including elevators
  • Location- Gurgaon, Haryana
  • Official website-

This is one of the leading companies dealing with the manufacturing of electrical as well as electronic equipments for the commercial as well as domestic use.

5. Otis Elevator Company

  • Year of establishment-1853
  • Products- Escalator, Elevator
  • Location- Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Official website-

This is one among the global leaders of elevator manufacturing in India. Today, this company is operating in around 150 countries.

6. Hitachi Lift

  • Year of establishment- 1920
  • Products- Escalators, Elevators, Lifts with different designs
  • Location- New Delhi, India
  • Official website-

Hitachi has other business rather than the elevator business. It is also having good amount of market share with regards to machinery and electrical equipments.

7. Kinetic Hyundai

  • Year of establishment-1996
  • Products- Escalators, Elevators, automated warehouse system, airport baggage handling
  • Location- Pune, Maharashtra
  • Official website-

This company is the result of the joint venture between Kinetic engineering and Firodia group. It deals with the automated warehouse system, elevators, lifts etc

8. Thyseen Krupp Elevator India


  • Year of establishment- 1999
  • Products- Elevators, moving walks, installation and maintenance of elevators
  • Location- New Delhi, India
  • Official website-

This company have a lot of expertise who deals with the installation, maintenance and distribution of elevators with different types.


9. Omega Elevators

  • Year of establishment- 1990
  • Products– Elevators, Escalator etc
  • Location- Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Official website-

This is an ISO certified company which is also ranked among the top 10 elevator companies.

10. Express lifts Ltd

  • Year of establishment- 1995
  • Products- Industrial lifts, traction lifts, hospital lifts, Hydraulic lifts
  • Location- Ahmadabad, Gujarat
  • Official website-

This manufactures lifts for hospitals, Commercial places as well as industries.

11. Axis Elevator

  • Year of establishment-1989
  • Products- elevators, escalators and automatic building doors
  • Location- New Delhi, India
  • Official website-

This is one of the emerging lift manufacturing companies with number of car lifts, automatic building doors etc.

12. Beacon Elevator Company Private Ltd

  • Year of establishment-1984
  • Products-automated building doors, lifts, hospital lifts
  • Location- New Delhi, India
  • Official website-

Here you can get variety of capsule elevators, passenger elevators, automobile elevators etc.

13. Bengal Lift Maintenance Co

  • Products-Hospital lifts, residential elevators,
  • Location- Kolkata, West Bengal

This company deals with goods elevator, residential elevators, hospital elevators etc.

14. Bharat Bijlee Limited

  • Year of establishment-1946
  • Products- manufacturing lifts and electrical related equipments
  • Location- Mumbai, India
  • Official website-

Being one of the leaders in Electrical engineering industry in India, Bharat Bijlee deals with motors and drives, transformers, elevators etc.

15. Bidyut Elevators

  • Products-electric dumb waiters, hospital elevators etc
  • Location-Kolkata, India
  • Official website-

You can get almost all types of elevators from here starting from electric dumb waiters, passenger elevators to hospital elevators.

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