Top 10 Lubricant Companies in India

Lubricant companies play a vital role in different industries. Lubricant oil has the property that reduces friction in substances. Largest applications for the lubricants will be seen in the form of motor oil.

It is really wonderful in protecting the internal combustion engine in powered vehicle and internal combustion engines. A good lubricant has the characteristics such as thermal stability, high boiling point, corrosion prevention etc.

Let us go through the list of top companies that provides lubrication to substances. Find below the details of 10 such companies-Lubricant Companies

1. Rustx-Hi Tech International

  • Year of establishment- 1983
  • Products- synergy turbo engine oil, metal working fluid etc
  • Location- Ludhiana, Mumbai
  • Website-

This is one of the well known companies that supplies lubrication oil to individuals for variety of purpose. It is also known as largest manufacturer as well as exporter in this regard.

2. KK India Petroleum specialties pvt Ltd

  • Year of establishment-1994
  • Products- lubricants, Viscosity modifiers for lubricant greases, fuel additives etc
  • Location- Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Website-

It is one of the leading producer of lubrication oil which also deals with grease, synthetic based fluids etc.

3. Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd

  • Year of establishment- 1988
  • Products- Lubricant Additives, food preservatives, Magnesium Petroleum Sulphonate, Hydraulic Oil additives
  • Location- Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Website-

This company deals with the manufacturing and selling of products like antioxidants zddp, benzaldehyde, barium petroleum etc.

4. Leo Lubricants pvt Ltd

  • Year of establishment- 2003
  • Products- Automobile oils, multigrade engine oil, diesel engine oil etc
  • Location- Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Website-

This is one of the leading lubricant company that deals with the high temperature grease, automotive lubricants etc.

5. Grauer & Weil India Ltd

  • Year of establishment- 1957
  • Products- Industrial lubes, Industrial paints, etc
  • Location- Kolkata, Mumbai
  • Website-

This is a company having its base in Mumbai and branch in Kolkata which supplies automotive and general lubricants.

6. Cosmotech

  • Year of establishment- 1990
  • Products- Machine Lubricants, cleaners
  • Location-Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Website-

Cosmotech is a private company which is also the well known distributor of cable and chain lube lubricants.

7. Ram Petro Products

  • Year of establishment- 2002
  • Products- Oil, Industrial Gear Oil, Industrial Grease, Calcium Grease, Wheel Bearing Grease, TQ Oil, Pumpset Oil
  • Location- Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Website-

Based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, this company has the largest manufacturing and selling of automatic transmission fluid, grease lubricants etc.

8. Pentagon Lubricants Pvt Ltd

  • Year of establishment-1998
  • Products- Industrial lubricating oils, metal working oil, rubber process oil
  • Location- Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Website-

Pentagon Lubricant is famous for being the supplier as well as manufacturer of two stroke engine oil, industrial lubricants oil etc.

9. Oil Base India

  • Products- hydrogenated castor oil, mono Chloro acetic acid,
  • Location- New Delhi, India
  • Website-

Apart from the lubricants, oil base India also deals with fatty acids, mono chloro acetic acid, bleaching powder etc.

10. Unicorn Petroleum Industries Pvt Ltd

  • Year of establishment- 1967
  • Products- Petroleum Jelly, specialty oil, Lubricant additives
  • Location- Mumbai Maharashtra
  • Website-

You will be happy to get the good quality corrosion resistant automotive lubricant, industrial lubricants from here.

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