Top 10 Best Home Automation Companies in India

Imagine a scenario where you want to come to the home and find it cool, with light suiting your mood.

What if you could simply reach into the fridge and find a drink chilled to the right temperature?

And keep a watch on what goes around in your household while you are away?

All these are not imaginary scenarios anymore. Home automation makes it possible for you to control almost every electronic device at office and residence.

Before I tell you about home automation companies…

you need to know what home automation is and how it is important for your home.

Home Automation allows the homeowner to live a comfortable, reliable, efficient and relatively safe environment in the home with your entire family.

Home automation is not like manufacturing automation as it does not allow making widgets faster.

All you need is a smartphone that acts as a remote controller.

The greatest news is…

Home Automation does not cost a mini fortune. Top home automation companies in India will install their systems at very reasonable prices.

They also offer tailor-made solutions to suit your specific needs.

So let us first understand what home automation means.

What is Home Automation?

Surely you must be using a remote control for a TV or air conditioner, music system or even a car. Home automation is exactly like a remote control for everything in your home.

Regular remote controllers work only when you are near an appliance or vehicle.

On the other hand, home automation allows you to control every appliance at home, though you may be located miles away or even in some foreign land.

Remote controllers work only for a specific appliance.

Meaning, you need different remote controls for the TV, video players, set-top boxes, air conditioners and so on.

Home automation allows you to use a smartphone to control everything from lights to security cameras, reduce or increase the temperature in your fridge, set up alarm systems to prevent burglary and perform many more functions.

Home automation uses the Internet. It uses a technology called the Internet of Things.

This means all appliances at home are connected to the controller that works on the Internet. Using Internet over mobile or computer, you can control these appliances.

If this tempts, explore products and services from these top 10 home automation companies in India.

Best Home Automation companies in India

Top 10 Home Automation Companies in India

Whether you own a studio apartment or palatial mansion, home automation is for everyone that wants to retain remote control of their houses and ensure its safety while away.

1. Schneider Electric

schneider electric logo

Schneider Electric is a global leader in home automation and electrical products.

The company was established in France in 1836 as a small iron, steel and armaments factory. Now, Schneider Electric is present in India and more than 100 countries.

Schneider Electric offers the entire spectrum of home automation products and services in India.

The company has home automation solutions for everything- from small urban apartments to large countryside mansions and bungalows.

It is a brand trusted by large IT companies and call centres.

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2. Cubical Labs

cubical smartspaces logo

Cubical Labs is a recent entrant or start-up in the home automation industry of India.

Over the years, Cubical Labs has carved itself a niche in the country’s home automation market. It offers a wide range of home automation solutions.

Over 50,000 homes and offices across India use Cubical Labs home automation devices and solutions.

The company’s success can be gauged from the fact that it has over 30 distributors and 65 dealers located across India. Cubical Labs has a presence in most states of India and also operates in Nepal.

3. Buildtrack

buildtrack logo

Navi Mumbai-based company, Buildtrack ranks among the top 3 home automation providers of India.

Buildtrack has won several awards for its home automation products and services too.

The company’s home automation solutions are useful for safety, security, comfort, convenience and power savings for your house.

Buildtrack claims to be pioneers in offering solutions with wireless, wired or hybrid connectivity to suit new construction and existing spaces with the best range, reliability, economy and with the least disruption to the customers during deployment.

Its products compete with the best global brands.

4. Wretro

Wretro logo

Wretro is a brand of home automation systems and solutions from RFzone Automations Pvt Ltd. The company offers home automation systems and solutions at very affordable prices.

They are made to make daily tasks very simple by blending Internet of Things (IoT)

“Unlike other solutions in the market that are used only for a single purpose, Wretro brings to the customer an amalgamation of machine-to-machine, IoT and smart systems,” the company says.

Wretro provides home automation for multiple uses such as controlling electronics and home appliances from remote locations to safety and security solutions for homes.

5. Crabtree

crabtree logo

Whether you want to open curtains at home or remember to switch the TV on for a popular game or show, Crabtree home automation systems make it possible.

Crabtree is a brand owned by India’s electrical appliances major, Havells India Ltd. Crabtree has a very strong market reputation and is among the top 10 home automation companies in India.

Crabtree offers a unique product called IntelliCentre that makes it possible to control your home from any location on planet Earth.

This includes simple tasks like switching an appliance on or off while away to complex chores like maintaining a vigil over your home against burglaries and unauthorized access.

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6. mighty HOME

mighty HOME logo

mighty HOME is a top home automation company in India with head offices in Surat and operations in the US too.

The company is a start-up venture that began in 2014.

It’s state-of-the-art home automation systems have made it a popular brand across India. Mighty HOME’s home automation systems and solutions are very simple.

Hence, people with scant knowledge of complex systems can also operate them.

Since inception, mighty HOME has won a few awards for their excellence in home automation technologies.

The company owns a research and development facility where experts in IoT and home automation exert extra efforts to create the best solutions at very reasonable prices.

mighty HOME believes that all Indian homes should be smart and is working towards this goal. If you are looking for simple yet excellent home automation solutions, approach mighty HOME.

7. Legrand

legrand logo

Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure based in France. It has extensive operations across India.

Legrand offers smart solutions for residential users. All home automation products from Legrand are made the latest technologies that are in use worldwide. This makes Legrand a top home automation company in India.

There are three unique home automation solutions available in India from Legrand. These include MyHome Arteor that provides fully customizable user profiles for each room.

It combines home control, energy management, door entry systems, management of multimedia content photos, audio, video and Internet connection, all in just one device.

Axolute uses axial cables to multimedia touch screens and advanced interfaces. Legrand Vantage is a global leader in home automation.

You can control anything from lighting, indoor temperature, shades or blinds through an interface.

8. Zemote

Zemote logo

Zemote is a brand of home automation products and services from Contera Engineering Pvt Limited.

The company entered the home automation industry in 2014 and now ranks among top home automation solutions provider in India.

They offer home automation products starting from Rs.4,500 onwards.

The Zemote brand and product range were created for Indian homes. The products can work on low internet speeds and handle electrical power surges.

The development process of Zemote’s technology was designed the US. They were launched in India after three years of research and development, says the company.

9. Fox Domotics


Fox Domotics is among top 10 home automation companies of India.

They manufacture sophisticated, energy-efficient, energy saver, simple to use and reliable products like Wifi touch switches, touch switches, curtain motor, tubular motors, TV lift motor, swing door motor and rolling shutter motor for use at residential, offices, retail, hospitality and public space, says the company.

You can buy Fox Domotics products through some 3,000 dealers located across India. Their products allow you to automate every part of the home.

The company is working on developing affordable home automation systems for Indian households. Its current range of products is very affordable.

10. Smartify

Smartify logo

Smartify is a company and an online store that offers a wide range of home automation products and solutions.

The company does not manufacture own products. Instead, it sources the best home automation products from globally renowned and domestic manufacturers.

This ensures you get the best in the market from a single source, instead of shopping at many places for your home automation.

Selling is not the only thing that Smartify does. You can request visits by their home automation experts and get guidance on systems that are best suited for your home.

Upon placing an order, Smartify also installs home automation equipment. Smartify also has an academy where you can take a free course on home automation and learn to build some cool stuff yourself.

Benefits of Home Automation Systems

Now let us look at some of the benefits of home automation technology.

  • Climate: Gives total control for your heating and air conditioning systems. Temperature could be altered according to the time of the day, in the morning, in the afternoon and in the night.
  • Lighting: It gives total control over increasing and decreasing the brightness of your light according to the ambience. In the daytime, it will be different than at night.
  • Security: Alarm system protects you from any outside invasion or burglary.
  • Entertainment: All your digital gadgets in the home could be synchronized by it.

Wrap Up

With so many top home automation companies in India, you can easily adopt the new technology.

Home automation may sound pricey or expensive. But it is not. In fact, home automation solutions help save money.

You can reduce power bills and safeguard your home using home automation systems.

If you wish to automate your home, look at solutions from these top home automation companies in India.

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    Installed System Price: Euro 1000 to Euro 25,000
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  3. Cubical is one of the best company which has complete home automation with Indian product line. A company driven by IITians. Products are excellent and value for money.
    Give a try and see the dramatic change in your way of living.

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