5 Best HR software You Should Consider Using in 2021

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The HR software helps to manage the information of employees and help to manage HR-related tasks. This software helps to automate the human resources tasks that previously used to be completed manually. 

The main purpose of any HR software is to help to manage the employees and employee-related tasks along with automating the processes of recruitment, workforce management, onboarding, time scheduling, time management, payroll software, human capital management etc. 

There are various types of HR software such as: 

  • HRMS – Human Resource management software
  • TMS – Talent management software
  • HRIS – Human resources information software
  • Core HR
  • HCM – Human capital management 
  • HR administration software

We have a few of the best HR software that must be considered in 2021. Let us have a look over the details of such software. 

1. SumHR :

SumHR is innovative modern online HR management software that meets the requirements of every industry. The software helps to improve the team performance along with reducing the paperwork of Hr. It helps to improve relations between HR and employees. The system is capable of assisting the startups of numerous companies. 

  • There stays no more requirements for heavy and complex spreadsheets. Also, no need for high-level formulas. 
  • The interface is easy to understand and user-friendly
  • SaaS option activated as per the requirements
  • There are numerous modules covered in SumHR:
    • Leave management 
    • Attendence management 
    • Employee payroll management 
    • Biometric time tracking 
    • Employee database
    • Social HR
    • Performance monitoring 
    • Organization tree and company calendar
    • Data portability 
    • Access authorization 
    • Cloud-based access
    • Expense and reimbursement 

2. Nisto :

Nisto HR software provides a fast and reliable system to startups and companies. There are many startups in India that use this software for their smooth and efficient functioning. This software automates all the required tasks related to HR management, employees and company processes, salary processing and attendance along with employee details. 

Nisto HRMS controls all the required things related to workflow, management as well as accounting with the automated data of employee information such as self-service, leave, training, time and attendance, appraisal, recruitment modules and much more. The amalgamation of all these activities in one application help to align the HR process along with organization goals. 

The Nisto software is designed in such a way that it connects to similar system roles and responsibilities that can be assigned and sharing partial modules or function rights. The Nisto software goes one more step ahead as it is equipped with the additional utility with which the restrictions can be placed on the access depending on the location. 

3. ExactlyHRMS :

Exactly HRMS is a powerful HRMS system that helps to perform complex HR-related and payroll activities, shifts management, managing attendance along with the synchronized biometric device. The software manages all the HR process from employee hiring to hiring along with providing the employees with the power to manage their account through the web or phone. 

Exactly HRMS is a powerful HRMS system helping enterprise that carries out complex and payroll activities and synchronizes all the required data with the software. It allows to carry out all the activities with interconnected data that can be accessed easily.

Right from the hiring process of the employee till the retirement of an employee, the software manages all the data of the employee and helps to generate all the data when required. The software provides easy access to data through phone or web.  

4. Alp consulting :

Data Core technologies is a secondary part of Alp consulting. This company is a part of the top 10 staffing organizations in India. The company is working in the industry for the last 21 years and is an ISO-certified organization. The company caters to over 250+ clients across India. 

5. The applicant manager :

The applicant management software helps to promote and maintain the brand of your company. The software effortlessly collects and stores the data on the cloud. The applicant management software is easy to operate which saves valuable time that can be utilized in the hiring process. 

The applicant management software is designed in such a manner that it safeguards the time spent on extra managing activities and helps to use that time in major works. The software helps to promote and maintain the brand effortlessly and confidentially. It also stores all the required data on the cloud securely. 


These were a few of the best HR software that must be considered in 2021. 

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