Top 10 Internship Websites in India

Imagine this scenario. You’ve just completed school, college or some vocational course. And you’re looking at acquiring skills necessary for your chosen profession. What would you do?

When I was in a similar situation some years ago, I chose the internship.

Why Internship?

An internship provides opportunities to put your skills to practice and fine-tune them for work.

The internship offers you some of the best opportunities to work with the professionals for a small duration.

The benefit of doing an internship is that you get to build a network with skillful people within the industry. It will be helpful for your career at every stage of life.

An internship is a great way to learn the field you are interested in.

So if you don’t know about where to apply for an internship, here are the top 10 websites that are specially designed for the internship.

10 Best Internship Websites in India

This list includes websites that specialize in internships for fresher candidates. Also, there are highly reputed job portals where you can find some of the finest internship opportunities.

1. Internshala

Internshala is a popular internship portal in India. You can apply for an internship in fields such as media, marketing, business, engineering, management, hospitality, medical, psychology and a lot more.

The procedure is really simple. After registering at Internshala, choose the right field where you want to acquire skills. You can track your application status and get internship alert on emails.

Internshala has a special program known as ‘Campus Ambassador’ where you become the ambassador of the company at your college.

Internshala offers online training for skills relevant to various industries.

2. Lets Intern

Students who have just completed their secondary education, fresher and anyone who wants to change their field can apply at Lets Intern for an internship.

You can register on Lets Intern even if your primary objective of becoming an intern is to earn money.

In order to get notifications and internship alerts, you have to first register on Lets Intern. Then, you have to select the field of your interest.

Lets Intern sends you a newsletter where they provide internship alerts and interview tips. They offer internships in different cities.

3. Hello Intern

College students and graduates from any stream can register here for an internship.

Hello Intern provides internship from several fields including marketing, media, business, management, human resources, customer support, hospitality, medical, law, fashion and numerous other.

A key feature of Hello Intern is that a panel of professionals will solve your career-related queries. The process is very simple.

You just have to post a career-related query on Hello Intern and the panel will try to solve your doubts.

If you are someone who loves Information Technology and wants to explore more, Hello Intern has a special set of online training for a  fee.

Training includes detailed knowledge on important topics such as Python, Cloud app development and several others.

4. Twenty 19

Twenty 19 is a website tailored just for college students who are keen to work as an intern.

They offer internships in popular streams such as media, business, management, information technology, and event management.

5. Freshersworld

College graduates who directly want to start working as a full-time intern at a firm can register on Freshersworld. It provides you a wide range of internships from various streams.

Freshersworld provides scholarship jobs as well.

Freshersworld has an interesting section that consists of mock tests, interview tips.

They also provide past question papers of top-level exams like Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Graduate Aptitude Test of Engineering (GATE).

6. Indeed

Indeed is a reliable job portal in India where they will find some excellent internship. Students from colleges and fresh graduates can register on Indeed.

They also include career advice section on their website.

It consists of tips and tricks for an interview, a guide on how to make a resume and a lot more. You can find a review of the company you are interested in.

7. Glassdoor

Are you interested to work as an intern at a particular company?

But having second thought regarding the work environment and other factors?

Fret not!

Glassdoor is a website where you can search for the details of the company you’re interested to work.

After registration, you can search for the company and read about the pros and cons of being in a particular company.

You also get to read interview questions and reviews of various companies. You can apply for an internship for any profession on Glassdoor.

8. Naukri

Whether you are a student who has completed secondary education or fresh graduate, Naukri has a wide spectrum of opportunities in diverse professions.

It gives you a set of options where you get insights into companies where you may find internship opportunities. Since this is a very popular portal in India, it’s worth registering at this portal too.

 9. Monster

Monster is a website for every college graduate who is looking forward to doing a full-time internship.

There is one unique feature of Monsters known as Monster College. It connects corporate, colleges and students on a single platform. It works like online campus recruitment.

Features such as career-oriented test, psychometric tests, videos of career advice from experts, is what makes stand out from the crowd.

10. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional networking site. As an intern, you can start looking for opportunities posted by senior officials at various organizations. Here you can build a network with professionals.

On LinkedIn, you can find an internship in your field under the job section.

It is highly recommended every college student to create a profile on LinkedIn and start building connections. It will be beneficial for your career in the future.

Wrap up

Registering on two to three of the website is highly recommended.

These portals examine and verify the companies and the position which they want to advertise on the website. Kick-start your career with the internship of your interest.

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