Top 15 Leading Solar Panel Manufacturers in India 2021

India’s solar energy generation is expected to double to 22 GigaWatts by end of the financial year 2017-2018.

The country aims to achieve a target of 100GW of solar power generation by end of fiscal 2021-2022.

The Indian government expects to invest over US$ 100 billion in augmenting existing solar power generation capacity while developing newer ones to achieve this goal, which would help electrification of the country’s remotest areas.

Solar Power Manufacturing companies play a vital role to achieve this goal. Later in this article, we will discuss the best solar panel manufacturers in India.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy simply means electricity generated by harnessing sunlight and its heat. This is done through special solar panels which are special devices used to trap various elements of sunlight and convert them into energy.

They consist of chemicals, glass, reflectors and myriad other materials. Whenever sunlight falls on these solar panels, it triggers a reaction that generates power through a rather complex process.

Solar energy rank among the topmost ‘Green’ or ‘Renewablepower sources in the world. This means, generation of solar power does not cause any significant atmospheric pollution.

Thanks to forces of nature, sunlight will never run out until the end of this world and hence, solar energy is renewable.

For electricity-hungry India, solar energy is the best form of providing energy.

As a result, dozens of solar panel manufacturers have sprung up across the nation. Here we look at the top 15 solar panel manufacturers in India.

best Solar Panel Manufacturers in India

Top Solar Panel Manufacturers in India:

Electric power generation in India was once a state monopoly.

The vast divide in demand-and-supply led the Indian government to encourage private players to enter the power sector, to bridge this divide. Hence, India is home to top solar panel manufactures, that we list.

NOTE: This list is generated at random and does not indicate popularity, financial standing or business reach of any company.

1) Tata Power Solar

Bloomberg rates Tata Power Solar as Tier-1 solar panel manufacturer in India. The company offers solar power solutions for everything- from industrial complexes to towns, businesses, and homes.

The company ranks as India’s topmost solar panel manufacturer. Its solar panels are also exported to other countries looking at boosting power production for domestic and industrial purposes.

In 2017, Tata Power Solar achieved the enviable landmark of exporting solar panels capable of generating over 1GW power.

Additionally, this company is also playing a key role in Bridge To India project that aims at providing rooftop based electric power solutions to homes in villages and remote communities of India.

2) Ghodawat Energy Pvt. Ltd

Ghodawat Energy ranks as the fastest growing solar panel and solar energy solutions manufacturer in India.

It is part of the Kolhapur, Maharashtra-based Sanjay Ghodawat Group, which began as a small startup manufacturing ‘ghutka’, a tobacco-based product, marketed under the brand ‘Star’.

Today, Ghodawat Energy generates some 12 Mega Watts of solar electricity in various states of India.

The company manufactures solar panels for various purposes including rooftop installations for homes and communities as well as large solar electric plants for industrial uses.

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3) Loom Solar

Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd. is a mon perc solar panels and AC Module manufacturer based out of Faridabad, Haryana having a manufacturing capacity of 100 MW. The company which started in 2018 has become one of the fastest-growing solar panel manufacturers in India because of wide range of solar panels from 10 watts to 450 watts super high-efficiency panels.

Loom Solar was the first company in India that introduced Mono perc Cell Technology to Residential Home Owners and now in 2020, it has brought suer high-efficiency module SHARK 430. The latest module comes with 9 Bus bar and half-cut cell design that gives Solar Buyers 20-30% more efficiency over traditional Polycrystalline solar panels.


Loom Solar ® has won the prestigious gold and silver award in the 11th Annual 2019 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards in the United States of America.

The Fastest growing SMB of the year 2019 by Amazon Sambhav

Key Achievements:

  • Launched world’s first IoT-based solar AC module in 2020.
  • Fastest growing SMB award by Amazon for the year 2019.
  • The network of over 1,500 re-sellers in India to deliver solar panels within 3 – 5 days.

4) Moser Baer India Ltd

Established in 1983 in New Delhi, Moser Baer India Ltd (MBIL) is ranked among India’s leading solar panel manufacturers.

MBIL has successfully developed cutting edge technologies to become the world’s second largest manufacturer of optical storage media.

“Moser Baer Solar Limited (MBSL) and Moser Baer Photo Voltaic Ltd (MBPV) are subsidiaries of MBIL involved in solar business globally including India.

Through both these companies, Moser Baer serves customers across the solar value chain through world-class products and services.

In a short span of time since inception in 2005-2007 Moser Baer brand has taken a dominating position in Solar EPC Services and Solar PV modules in India and the world,” says the company’s website.

5) Patanjali Solar

This is no joke: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s venture, Patanjali Ayurved Ltd has already invested Rs.10 billion in launching its own solar panel manufacturing company.

According to the latest reports, the company has already developed its own rooftop solar panels that power its manufacturing units and offices in remote parts of India.

Patanjali Solar is currently importing key components for its solar panels from Germany and China.

However, the company soon plans to begin manufacture of solar panels made purely with Indian technology and components as part of its ‘Swadeshi’ movement.

The company intends to launch a series of affordable solar panels that would help power every home and business in rural and far-flung corners of India.

6) Oorja Energy Engineering

Hyderabad-based Oorja Energy Engineering, another top solar panel and solar energy solutions provider in India has won several prestigious accolades.

These include World Wildlife Fund- India’s Climate Solver Award, Order of Merit and Smart Technologies, among others.

Oorja Energy Engineering’s solar panels are predominantly aimed to provide solutions for small industries in the food and beverage sector, restaurants, homes and laundries.

The company also has solar panels and solutions for pasteurization of milk products, juices and other consumables.

7) Websol Energy System Ltd

Websol Energy System Ltd is based in Falta, West Bengal. The company is a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic mono-crystalline solar cells and modules in India.

Websol is renowned for highly reliable photovoltaic modules for various domestic, commercial and Industrial applications.

The company was launched in 1990 by a team of just 16 people who believed that solar energy is the key to solving India’s scarcity of electricity in India.

It ranks among pioneers of India’s solar panel manufacturers since the company began manufacturing products at a time when indigenous technology was not available in this country and solar panels were in their primitive stage worldwide.

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8) Acme Solar Holdings Ltd

Acme Solar Holdings Ltd ranks as the largest solar Independent Power Producers in India, having a portfolio of solar power projects with an aggregate capacity of 21,814 MW.

The company develops, builds, owns, operates and maintain utility scale grid connected solar power projects through its own projects. Acme Solar Holdings Ltd is not a manufacturer of domestic or industrial solar panels.

Instead, it manufactures solar panels for constructing power plants that supply electricity in various states.

Acme Solar Holdings Ltd has operations in 12 Indian states, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, Karnataka, Punjab, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh.

9) XL Energy Ltd

XL Energy Limited is based in Hyderabad and was established in 1985, during an era when solar energy solutions were almost non-existent. Today, XLE is one of India’s largest solar energy solution providers.

It produces Solar Photovoltaic Modules and other applications for tapping this green and renewable resource to generate electricity. “XLE has delivered over 75MW of solar modules to countries all over the world.

We also have started our own EPC division and find tremendous pride in our power plants.

XLE continues to sustain its growth curve. XLE has recently started their own automated module manufacturing line with equipment from the top European companies.

XLE has installed 25MW of this automated line with another 25MW to be installed by the end of 2017,’ states its corporate website.

10) ReNew Power

Renew Power was launched in 2011 as a startup aimed at generating energy from wind. After initial struggles, the company won the confidence of Goldman-Sachs and managed to find adequate funding.

Today, ReNew Power is a major player in India’s solar energy sector. ReNew Power manufactures high capacity solar panels for industries and power generation plants.

Additionally, the company also provides rooftop solar panels that can be used in villages and hamlets in remote places of India to generate electric power.

A brilliant example of ReNew Power’s rooftop solar panels is seen at Chandigarh International Airport. The company has provided solar power solutions to this airport.

11) Photon Energy Systems Ltd

Established in 1985, Photon Energy Systems Limited is a great example of government support to power companies in India.

The firm received financial assistance from Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd.

Photon Energy Systems Ltd manufacturers and provides a wide range of Solar energy products and solutions such as solar PV modules, solar lanterns, solar street lights, solar water pumps, solar rooftop power plants, Mega Watt solar power plants and solar water heating systems.

12) Swelect Energy Systems Ltd

“With a production capacity of 50MW, it is now a leading manufacturer of high quality and reliable solar energy systems,” states the company website.

Swelect Energy Systems Limited is one of the leading solar power systems company. Indeed, this Indian company is present in the global solar power industry over the past three decades.

Swelect is reputed worldwide for its solar PV modules, solar PCUs, structural and electrical Balance of Systems (BOS).

“With more than 30 years of field experience and with a team of experts in Power Electronics, Swelect stays close to its customers and caters to their needs through continuous technological innovation, rich expertise and customer-centric approach,” states the company website.

Swelect’s core strength comes from its expertise and technologies that enables the company to design customized solutions and commission them rapidly for domestic, community and industrial users.

13) Waaree Energies Ltd

Waree Energies Ltd is by no means a small firm or a backbencher in the field of solar energy. The company has provided solar power solutions to several facilities including malls in mega-cities like Mumbai.

Waaree Energies Ltd. is the flagship company of Waaree Group, founded in 1989 and is based in Mumbai.

It owns India’s largest solar PV Module manufacturing capacity of 500 MW at its plant in near Surat, Gujarat.

“Waaree Energies is amongst the top player in India in providing EPC services, project development, rooftop solutions, and solar water pumps and also as an Independent Power Producer.

Waaree has its presence in over 175 plus locations in India and 68 countries abroad,” states its website.

14) Harsha-Akabus Solar

Harsha Abakus Solar is a joint venture between Harsha Solar and Abakus Solar AG of Germany.

Harsha Abakus Solar business includes Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV), grid-tied power plants, rooftop installations, and off-grid installations.

The company also aims at entering new areas of the energy sector that will enlighten and empower the energy sector in India.

The company is venturing into newer segments aimed at providing solar energy to homes and small businesses in remote areas.

“We see each street being lit up with solar lampposts, each house in a happy note with solar lanterns and many more cities that will never sleep.

We see a world that’s fully equipped with all the necessary tools of solar energy that will combat the energy deficiency scenario,” says it’s website.

15) Refex Energy Ltd

Refex Energy was incorporated in 2008 in Mumbai. The company provides turnkey EPC solar energy solutions from concept to commissioning for solar PV and also operation and maintenance services throughout the lifetime of the project.

“Refex Energy Limited is a certified channel partner of Ministry of New & Renewable Energy for Off-Grid & De-centralized Solar Applications under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission.

As part of JNNSM, Refex Energy Ltd makes solar panels and related applications for households and small-scale industries as well as installs solar power plants for investors interested in generating power for commercial uses.

Refex Energy Ltd ranks among the topmost solar panel and related equipment manufacturers and providers in India.

16) CleanMax Solar

CleanMax Solar terms itself as India’s largest provider of on-site solar power.

Since inception in 2011, the company has successfully delivered more than 250 solar rooftop projects, with a combined capacity of 100 MW.

“This makes CleanMax Solar the No-1 rooftop solar developer in India, with a market share of 24 percent as indicated by Bridge to India Report in 2017, more than twice the size of its nearest competitor,” states the company website.

CleanMax Solar has also been recognized by the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy.

CleanMax Solar received National Excellence Awards for being the leading Rooftop Solar Developer and Rooftop Solar EPC Provider in India.


India ranks among the first countries in the world to have entered the solar energy sector.

Today, the country boasts of a highly defined industry that manufactures and installs solar panels for domestic, industrial and commercial distribution uses.

With initiatives such as Bridge to India and Make In India, solar panels made in this country will find a ready market outside.

All stakeholders in the solar energy sector of India are exerting extra efforts to develop new and user-friendly technologies for that can harness sunlight to generate electricity.

Hence, any entrepreneur who wishes to venture into this field will find ample opportunities combined with the ease of doing business and encouragement from various departments of the Central and state governments.

Solar power indeed holds key to India’s emergence as a major industrial power. It will also help reduce the country’s dependence on rudimentary sources of energy in households and industries.

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