Build a Virtual Real Estate with a WordPress Blog leading to an Independent Life


Our lives are becoming increasingly digital, which means that equally our work is. The internet enables us to combine work and pleasure through creating an online presence.

A website is your virtual real estate that you can build and design in any way you want. You can blog about your hobby, share your creative ideas, or promote a product or service and sell something.

A website offers multiple avenues to enhance your life privately and professionally. It can potentially turn into an online or home business, generating an income via the world wide web, enabling its owner and manager to lead a more independent and self-governed life.

So, how can it be achieved?

Why is the WordPress Blogging Platform so popular to build a Website?

According to research, about 77% of the world’s internet users read blogs and use them as a trustworthy source besides following established newspapers, magazines, or news platforms. The potential is clear – an informative blog or resourceful website is a valuable online resource that can reach millions.

Many successful companies such as TechCrunch use the content management system WordPress because it is a free open-source system with great SEO features.

Learning how to start a blog with WordPress and how to use it effectively can enrich your life in various ways and you can research websites that make millions to discover what is possible.

Over to you – Start a WordPress Blog

Creating a WordPress blog is easy, just follow the outlined steps below:

  1. Pick a domain name for your website and see if it is available when you register a domain with a web host of your choice.
  2. Sign up for a web hosting account and choose hosting for your domain.
  3. Install WordPress.
  4. Log into your WordPress account and start building and publishing!

If you are not sure where you can register a domain and host a website, the SeekaHost App is great for beginners setting up their first WordPress Blog in less than 60 seconds. Watch the short video below to see how easy it is to get your first WordPress Blog live and hosted in no time:

For the WordPress Hosting with the unique Blog Hosting Manager Tool you can use the 7-day free trial to test it so you see whether it works well for you.

To make your website a success online there are two major factors you need to consider:

  1. Steady Traffic Generation

To achieve at least a few thousand monthly visitors should be your goal, because a website with low traffic is difficult to monetize obviously. Focus on increasing it before you monetize your WordPress blog. Traffic generation through SEO and digital marketing is the best way forward in the beginning and you can find free digital marketing courses online to help you with that.

  1. Gain Followers

It is important to not just get more people to visit your website, but to encourage them to return and visit it more in the future. This can be achieved through strategies like newsletter subscriptions, paid ads, social media marketing and regular offers or deals and building a presence on channels like YouTube so that people find your brand in different places.

How to manage a Virtual Real Estate Earning Money?

Can you make money with a virtual presence and how much is possible?

According to statistics 68% of bloggers that publish every day receive stronger results and according to Industry research an amateur blogger can begin to earn an average of $9,497 (that’s £6,941) per year, which can increase to about $138,064 (£100,912) per year, if the website is successful and popular and uses monetization strategies such as ads placements, affiliate marketing, sales etc.

So, consider the many ways of monetizing your WordPress blog beginning with the easiest and most profitable blog monetization strategies that you can apply once you have accumulated at least a thousand monthly visitors to your web presence.

Which easy Website Monetization Strategies to start out with?

Display Advertisements on your Website

You can join an advertising network scheme like Google AdSense that connects marketers looking to post their ads with relevant and related host websites. All you need to do is enter the ad code they send you and add it to your WordPress site (make sure to place them right so they do not annoy your visitors). The advertising network will display ads on your blog that are related to your topics and pay you based on your chosen payment model. With AdSense you earn on a PPC basis receiving 68% of the revenue from each click.

t2 Build a Virtual Real Estate with a WordPress Blog leading to an Independent Life

Market Products or Services as an Affiliate

  • Becoming an affiliate marketer means promoting third-party services or products through your blog’s content. People visiting your website can purchase your recommended products or services by clicking on your affiliate link, leading them to the third party’s website. For every successful sale through your website, you will earn a share that you have agreed on.
  • The most popular way of earning as an affiliate is through reviewing product and services through your web content. This can be done by mentioning the product/service in posts or videos for example. Amazon Associates is one of the world’s biggest affiliate networks and you can easily include affiliate links to any item that is available on Amazon’s website. Again, you earn every time the item is purchased through your blog link.

Have an Idea for your Virtual Real Estate?

Hopefully, you are inspired now to get online and set up your own land on the World Wide Web to make your mark.

Using WordPress is easy, especially with the right web hosting and control panel. Look for a flexible and customizable blogging platform that offers you easy ways of earning money online to establish yourself on the web.

Take the time to learn and analyze different strategies and tailor them to your unique web presence. Every web property is different and should therefore offer tailored content and solutions that will attract visitors to return and eventually make purchases.

Author bio:

Manuela Willbold – Online Media and PR strategist

I am a regular blog contributor on various news magazines and manage the PR for ClickDo and SeekaHost. I have taken a summer course at the London School of Journalism, a one-day course at the City of London University in writing for the web and am myself a course instructor at the SeekaHost University where I teach SEO content writing.

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