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You might be in this situation:

Getting customers’ contact information, spending hours drafting the appealing outreach email, and sending to customers at the golden time to have a high chance of getting a reply.

But a few days passed, and you got no reply or reaction at all. This normal situation usually happens, and it really hurts the value of many email marketing campaigns.

To this extent, mastering the art of follow-up emails is a power that shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s proven, sending at least one follow-up email message in your email sequence to customers can increase the average reply rate by around 13% (according to Woodpecker).

The result is enticing, but to execute follow-up emails effectively is still a question to many. That’s why in this article, I will introduce a tool that eases your work in a follow-up email campaign, making every email worth your hit.

Let’s dive in!

What is a Follow Up Email for Magento 2?

Follow Up Email for Magento 2 is a module that allows you to run targeted email campaigns automatically with the specific conditions, performance stats, email sending schedules, and more. With the extension, you can send emails to customers based on trigger events to gain the attention of first-time visitors or retain current customers.

Sending follow-up emails is an effective method when it comes to email marketing. You can win back your customers by sending an automated email series under certain circumstances. It doesn’t mean you are going to follow up until you die. You need to have a process to follow up with customers without being pushy. With well-prepared and -targeted follow-up emails, you can get back great responses and conversion rates from customers.

Follow-up emails aim at your specific customers at a particular stage of their shopping journey. Emails are sent to the right customers at the right time with a specific purpose. Therefore, it brings a more personalized experience to your customers.

What makes a good Follow Up Email extension?

There are some features that should be considered when choosing a Follow Up Email extension that works for your business:

Support different trigger events

It’s crucial to follow customers at each stage of their shopping process. It would be best to let customers know that every move of them on your website really matters. That’s why a good Follow Up Email extension has the functionality to allow you to knock on the customers’ email boxes when a specific event or actions are executed. For example, after customers successfully place an order, you send them a confirmation email and thank them for purchasing.

Flexible emailing schedules

tii3 Best Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extension

Sending emails in a particular schedule is necessary, especially when you email to customers to gain their interest and engagement back. So find a Follow Up Email extension allowing you to set an optimal emailing schedule.

The schedule is up to you. However, it would be best to follow a golden rule that claims – sending a follow-up email too soon or sending each follow-up email in a series too close will make you look pushy and instructive.

Admittedly, there is no fixed rule about the sending time. It should be specified by your target group and you must discover it yourself. You can research your customers’ active hours, what time of day they’re mostly going through their mailbox, and do some timeframes tests to find out what time brings the best results.

Abandoned cart follow up emails

tii4 Best Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extension

Cart abandonment is one of the most headache-caused problems for any online store. Actually, the average cart abandonment rate is 67.91%. This situation happens when customers add products to their cart but do not complete the checkout. If your Magento 2 store also faces the same problem, then you have the Follow Up Email extension here to help.

A follow-up email can be a good reminder for customers about their abandoned carts – calling back customers to continue the shopping. Or, you can also add a discount coupon in a follow-up as an incentive for customers to complete the purchase.

Setting conditions to start or stop an event

Your Follow Up Email extension should support setting fully flexible rules and conditions for an event. The rule will be applied to start or cancel the events only when the customers’ orders meet the configured conditions. The conditions can be set based on order or product attributes.

Email testing

No email marketing campaigns succeed without testing and improving. That’s why you should find a Follow Up Email extension that offers this feature. The most effective and common method is A/B testing. You try some different follow-up email templates and content to discover the best one for your business.

Testing follow-up emails will also help you figure out the good, the bad, and the ugly of your email marketing campaign. Hence, you have time to focus on optimizing and utilizing the most effective methods.

Tracking & reporting

tii5 Best Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extension

The results of your follow-up emails should be recorded fully and accurately through particular stats so that you can track the performance and know whether you’re doing right. Check if the Follow Up Email extension you’re going to use has an insightful report.

Understanding a useful Follow Up Email extension is not difficult. Later, you might encounter cumbersome trouble when searching and selecting a suitable module for your Magento store.

Feeling scared with a ton of options recommended by different providers? Don’t worry. I got your back, and that’s why in the following section, I recommend an effective solution that can make your life easier.

What is the best Follow Up Email extension for Magento 2 store?

You can add Mageplaza Follow Up Email for Magento 2 to your top list.

Here are the reasons:

Enable trigger emails to relevant events

Mageplaza Follow Up Email for Magento 2 enables you to create and send trigger emails to customers when they finish an action on your store, such as registering a new account, placing an order, subscribing to newsletters, reviewing, etc.

In particular, you will be given five types of events to send notification emails related to order, abandoned cart, customer, wishlist, and date.

For example, with the events related to orders, the trigger emails will automatically be sent to customers when the order, shipment, invoice, or credit memo is created. With Mageplaza Follow Up Email, you can also send email notifications to customers when the status of their order is updated, such as changing from packaging to delivering.

tii7 Best Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extension

Enable follow-up emails for wishlist

If you notice, customers are more likely to add their wanted products to wishlists for purchasing later when ready. A wishlist is one thing that satisfies customers’ purchasing desire, and also a good opportunity for you to attain potential sales from their wishlists.

So please make use of their wishlists with care, enthusiasm, and consistency. Mageplaza Follow Up Email helps you do that by sending notification emails when something related to their wishlists happens.

In particular, automatic trigger emails will be activated when:

●     A wishlist is created

●     A product of the wishlist is discounted

●     Products on the wishlist are restocked

●     Customers share their wishlist with others

tii8 Best Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extension

Enable follow-up emails for abandoned carts

Your abandoned carts need a nice save that can be found in Mageplaza Follow Up Email for Magento 2. Customers forget their carts or leave without completing checkout just because of the hesitation. So why don’t you send them a friendly reminder to call back their memory about the left cart? There’s still a chance that they will come back to your store and complete the purchase.

In your follow-up emails sent to customers who abandoned their cart, add some discount coupons. Customers are more likely to purchase when the products are on sale at lower prices.

tii9 Best Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extension

Quick follow-up email setup via popups

Mageplaza Follow Up Email enables you to configure multiple events via a popup. When you click to create a new event, a responsive popup will appear, and you can flesh out all the details required for your new campaign. An efficient follow-up email campaign will be created and put into the schedule on the fly.

tii10 Best Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extension

Support A/B testing

Before officially investing in a follow-up email campaign, it’s necessary to employ A/B testing to discover which one is the best hit.

The extension provides you with two versions of an email to use in A/B testing. You can make some changes to the parent email to create a child email, then implement the follow-up email campaigns to both test emails at the same time to compare the results.

Provide detailed reports

As a store admin, you can view the critical statistics reflecting the performance and results of each follow-up email sent to customers. The statistics include the number of emails sent, opens, clicks, and open and click rate. You can know the effectiveness of each follow-up email campaign by looking at these useful figures.

tii11 Best Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extension

Freely set up conditions to implement the events

The store admins can activate or stop an event by setting the conditions from the backend. The conditions that the extension supports are:

●     Order conditions for events related to orders

●     Customer, order, and product conditions for events related to customers

●     Product attribute conditions for events pertaining to wishlists


In general, Magento 2 Follow Up Email by Mageplaza meets all the essential requirements for a useful extension that streamline the performance of the follow-up email campaigns for Magento 2 stores.

If you are looking for an all-in-one Magento 2 Follow Up Email extension, I highly recommend this one. Mageplaza Follow Up Email will help you design a sufficient follow-up email from the ground up.

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