Top 10 Most Popular Mattress Brands in India

Do you awake every morning feeling tired, drowsy and wanting to sleep more. Most of us feel this way.

Often we blame sleeplessness or lack of sufficient sleep on our circumstances.

This is not ALWAYS the case. If we use the WRONG mattress and pillows, be assured, sleep is going to be disturbed.

Many of us spend thousands of Rupees on comfortable mattresses. But upon use, we find that comfort is sorely missing.

Solution to this is Choosing the RIGHT Mattress.

Have you ever wondered which are the best mattress brands in India?

If So, here we’ve listed down 10 best companies that are offering mattresses of different kinds.

Top 10 Best Mattress Brands in India

best Mattress Brands in India

With a wide range of mattresses available in India, it is very difficult to choose the right one.

Using a wrong mattress not only affects sleep- it can harm your bones and muscles too.

If you are looking for a very high-quality mattress, buy from these top 10 brands.

1. Kurlon

Kurlon is the oldest and the Best mattress Brand in India. They also have a very wide selection of mattresses.

Kurlon brand is manufactured by Karnataka Consumer Products Ltd, a Bangalore-based company. KCPL has been making mattresses from coconut coir and rubber latex since 1962.

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2. Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio makes some of the most comfortable mattresses in India.

The range includes regular mattresses as well as special ones for therapeutic and orthopaedic needs.

Godrej Interio mattresses are exported too. The brand comes from Godrej & Boyce Ltd, a respected industrial group.

3. Sleepwell

A mumbai-based company, Sleepwell, makes as many as six different varieties of mattresses.

These include regular type to pricey ones required for medical and specialized purposes. Sleepwell makes coir, foam and spring based mattresses. The brand is available from furniture stores and online Websites.

4. Nilkamal

Nilkamal is a popular Mattress brand in India that has gained immense popularity within a short period.

Nilkamal mattresses come from the eponymous brand of plastic furniture and industrial requirements.

Nilkamal Mattress are manufactured at the company’s state-of-the-art factories at various locations in India, using the finest quality raw material. They are crafted with imported machinery.

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5. Serta

Serta is an international brand of mattresses. The company is registered in UAE and also has manufacturing units in India.

Serta claims to be the largest selling brand of mattresses in the USA. The brand is owned by Emirates Sleep Systems Pvt. Ltd.

The company has a factory near Pune in Maharashtra. Serta brand mattresses are available in regular as well as specialized varieties for medical and therapeutic uses.

6. Hush

Hush mattresses springs made from the highest grade steel.

Their mattresses are seamed with utmost precision, claims the company. The company has launched the concept of Sleep Studio.

This means you can sleep on their mattress at select showrooms to check comfort levels.

You can buy only when satisfied that a specific Serta mattress suits your needs. The company makes pillows and other accessories too.

7. Cloude

Cloude is a brand of luxury mattresses in India. Their mattresses are skilfully crafted. Cloude mattresses can also be customized to your specifications.

The brand is owned by Complete Comfort Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a company based in Gurgaon. Cloude mattresses can be ordered online.

You can get customized mattresses from furniture showrooms.

8. Springtek

Springtek is a brand of Ashoka Foam Group. The brand ranks among first mass produced mattresses in India. It was founded in 1968.

Sprigtek offers unique style mattresses as well as those with contemporary design.

Their mattresses are available to fit all budgets. Springtek mattresses are available across India.

9. Theramedic

As the brand name suggests, Theramedic is a range of mattresses that combine comfort with medical therapy.

Theramedic regular mattresses too are designed keeping various sleeping patterns of customers in mind.

They are crafted for extra comfort and providing relief from daily stress and other factors that may affect sleep.

10. Aer

Aer mattresses promise to deliver that weightless feeling, as though you are floating in midair.

They are made with the finest materials. You can buy an entire range of mattresses from Aer brand.

These include foam, coir, spring embedded, gel and liquid as well as air mattresses.

Mattress Basics – Everything You Should Know About Mattress

In India, we are lucky to get all sorts of mattresses easily. Understandably, they may cost a little more. But the expense is justified. Unless you get good sleep, working next day becomes tedious and tiresome.

Before selecting a mattress, it is essential to know different types.

10 Different Types of Mattresses in India

  • Cotton Mattress: These are traditional Indian mattresses stuffed with cotton.
  • Foam Mattresses: Made of rubber latex foam and very soft. Ideal if you are looking for that ‘sink’ in feeling.
  • Coir Mattresses: Hard mattresses made purely of coconut coir or other natural fiber. These are useful for treating back and joint pains.
  • Coir & Latex: Softer than traditional coir mattresses, they have that bouncy feeling.
  • Coir, Latex & Spring: These mattresses are designed to give you that ‘push’ when your weight falls on the springs. They are good for heavier persons.
  • Orthopedic Mattresses: Usually, orthopedic mattresses are made of one or more material like cotton, coir, spring and latex or small globules filled with gel. These are useful for victims of bone problems.
  • Gel Mattresses: There are two types of gel mattresses. One is gel-filled mattresses. The other is mattresses stuffed with globules containing gel. They can be used for regular sleep. Mainly, these are useful for people who spend prolonged hours on bed.
  • Water Mattresses/ Water Beds: There are different types of water beds. You can use them as regular mattresses. They are also useful for people suffering with bone problems and those who spend long hours in bed.
  • Anti-Blister Mattresses: An anti-blister mattress will have casing made of very fine fabric. This does not allow formation of bed sores and blisters. Anti-blister mattresses are useful for senior citizens or people with reduced mobility. It protects their skin against blisters despite lying down for several hours at a stretch.
  • Fiber Mattresses: As the term suggests, Fiber Mattresses are stuffed with artificial fiber. They are long lasting and require basic maintenance. Usually, artificial fiber mattresses are waterproof.

Wrap Up

Buying a proper mattress is a very serious affair. Avoid walking into a shop and ordering a mattress off the shelf.

If you are serious about having good sleep and waking up fresh every morning or after a short nap, go for a high quality mattress.

Nowadays, most mattress makers allow you to test their product before finalizing on their brand.

Where available, use this facility. You will know whether a particular mattress helps you relax better or is uncomfortable.

Should you have aged persons or those needing to stay long hours in bed, buy therapeutic mattresses: you will help ease their pains.

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