Special Occasions to Send Flowers to your Loved Ones

Sending flowers to your loved one is not a lost art or reserved only for Valentine’s Day.

Yes, we know it is much convenient to send a heart emoji on WhatsApp or reach out to them via a text or a phone call, but the magic of flowers is something else.

In the world of one-night stands and Tinder, flowers are reminiscent of the whirlwind, roller-coaster romance ofGone with the Wind.’

In the visually appealing neo-noir world of love, they are the classic masterpiece that everybody wants to be in and play a character that lives on and on.

The joy and the warm fuzzy feelings of flowers rush into the bloodstream, envelope and overwhelm the heart.

While several research and studies have proved that flowers are good to stimulate productivity and enhance the feeling of well-being, flowers are still considered to be something that happens only in a movie and aren’t something worthy of splurging and spend your money on sending flowers to Bangalore.

…while they are not!

They are the most cost-effective way to make sense amid the electronic noise of an e-mail, phone call or a text message.

Sending flower is a gesture that counts and is remembered by. When somebody you love and send flowers to, walks them past, they remember you.

They remember that you remembered. They know that you cared. They realise that you love. And it is all that matters.

However, it is not only the love that counts. Several occasions double up as the perfect backdrop to send flowers and make an everlasting impression. Read on and know how you can use them to show that you care.

List Special Occasions to Send Flowers to Your Loved Ones

Wellness Flowers:

Do you have a friend who isn’t well or going through a bumpy emotional phase? Sending flowers might help. We aren’t the only one saying so.

The American Society for Horticulture Science has conducted research that proves flowers being good for healing. Their colourful presence and pleasant fragrance ease physical pain and have a calmer effect.

So, now you know, ‘Get Well Soon’ Flowers aren’t just a movie prop, they have tangible benefits and are for

Flowers are also the perfect pick-me-up if your loved one is having a bad day. Flowers have a long-term positive emotional impact on moods.

If somebody you love is having a dull day, gift them ‘Brighten-me-Up’ flowers to pep them up a bit and give them a sense of purpose.

Also, flowers can be the supporting spirit for your friend who is going through a breakup, need a confidence boost or channel the inner strength.

Housewarming Flowers:

Flowers are the perfect way to spice up a dull décor or to give your home the makeover it needs.

No costly repairs, no surcharge. Just a vase in the corner, and cheerful blooms to delight that lovely abode of yours! How pocket-friendly can it be?

You can gift flowers to your friends, colleagues or loved ones on their housewarming party. While bringing a dash of nature indoors, the plants and flowers are the perfect way to reduce the indoor air pollution and

Work Flowers:

Are you an event planner?

Are you a corporate event planner and looking for a unique and exclusive way for brand recall?

Well, what could be a better option than the blooms that can bring a smile on faces and work as a constant and delightful reminder?

However, before you do this, you would like to make one phone call to an office’s reception to understand the flower policy at work. Some offices don’t want to encourage the policy of accepting flowers to maintain professional decorum.

Sympathy Flowers:

Flowers don’t always commemorate the ‘up’ side of life. They become your lifetime companion and be there always, showing silent support when you need it the most.

There might be a friend, who isn’t feeling the best due to a sad event in life or is going through a loss in life; flowers might help them cheer up a bit.

Forgiving Flowers:

Flowers are a popular choice among people seeking forgiveness. The vibrant and cheerful flowers are the perfect way to ask people to make a better choice and have a bigger heart.

Appreciation Flowers:

When it comes to show appreciation and convey your heartfelt feelings of gratitude, there is nothing like giving them flowers and tell them that they are irreplaceable and hold value in your life.

You can send these flowers to your superiors, mentor, teacher and friend for their continuous support and kindness.

Every moment of life that the Universe chooses to bestow on you is a flower-worthy occasion. The blooms make celebrations or life, in general, more meaningful and less intimidating. Charming and delightful, flowers are the best way to tell your loved ones that you are thankful and love them the most.

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