Great Valentine Day Gift Ideas 2020

Valentine’s Day will be celebrated across the world on February 14, 2020. This day is considered as a festival of sorts: it cuts across all national and religious frontiers and is celebrated by people of every age.

The day is marked by couples exchanging anything from greetings to roses or gifts. Millions of people get married on February 14 every year, as will be evident from records of civil courts and other authorities worldwide.

More Valentine Day Facts

According to the popular educational website,, over 150 million Valentine’s Day greeting cards are exchanged on or before February 14, making it the second largest card-sending festival after Christmas.

According to the National Retail Federation, only about 55 percent of Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day, but those who do will shell out an average of $146.84, up to a few bucks from last year’s average of US$ 142.31,” states Time magazine.

The report pegs Valentine’s Day spending in America alone at about US$ 20 billion. The money is spent on cards, gifts, and Valentine’s Day dinners, among others.

Understanding Valentine’s Day Gifts

Giving gifts is an interesting topic that has been the study of psychologists worldwide. Gifts- regardless of their monetary value- are an indication of love, affection and loyalty towards a person.

Gifts are a token of appreciation- whether it is your employee, child, spouse, lover or some institution. Gifts develop a sense of belonging between the giver and receiver. Valentine’s Day hence ranks among the most popular seasons when people give gifts- generally to a spouse or beloved.

Since Valentine’s Day celebrates affection for someone special in your life, we list some excellent and unique gift ideas that you may consider for 2018.

Valentine Week – Valentine Day List:

Beginning February 7 every year, the Valentine Week is observed, which culminates on February 14. You can send gifts on any of these days too, to impress your beloved. Here is what various days of the Valentine Week signify.

  • February 7: Rose Day.
  • February 8: Propose Day.
  • February 9: Chocolate Day.
  • February 10: Teddy Day.
  • February 11: Promise Day.
  • February 12: Kiss Day.
  • February 13: Hugs Day.
  • February 14: Valentine’s Day

Great Valentine Day Gifts 2020

Thanks to online stores like Amazon, eBay and scores of others, it is now possible for you to send a Valentine’s Day gift that fits your budget. Further, it can be delivered anywhere in the country or abroad. Here are Valentine’s Day gift ideas we recommend.

1. Shining Memory Personalized Lamp

valentine day gift ideas for couple

Available online from Ferns & Petals, the Shining Memory Personalized Lamp is affordably priced and makes a very memorable gift. You can personalize the lamp by having a picture of your beloved or both of you printed. This bottle-shaped lamp displays the picture when lit or switched off.

2. Unique Message in a Bottle

valentine day gift for her

Very affordably priced and also available at Ferns & Petals online, the Unique Message in a Bottle is perfect for those who wish to delight their beloved with a very special message on Valentine’s Day. The seven-inch tall bottle is aptly decorated to signify love and will carry your message on a card placed within.

3. Propose Wall Clock

Propose Wall Clock Great Valentine Day Gift Ideas 2020

Featuring the typical posture of a man kneeling before his beloved, the Propose Wall Clock is indeed ideal for those who wish to declare their affection on Valentine’s Day. Very affordably priced, the wall clock will serve as a reminder for couples of that special time, round the year.

This Propose clock is the best valentine day gift for the couple and can be Purchase at a discounted price from Bookmyflowers.

4. Efinito Romantic Love Couple

valentine gifts for couple

This beautifully crafted silver-coloured poly-resin fibre statue depicts a romantic couple. Available at Amazon, this affordably priced Valentine’s Day gift is suited for him and her. Intricate designs and a heart symbol that speaks of love make it an ideal gift to celebrate the day.

5. Touch India Walking Romantic Couple

valentine gifts for Girl friend

Another very affordably priced Valentine’s Day gift available online from Amazon is the Touch India Walking Romantic Couple. The figurine depicts a man and woman leaning over one another while sharing an umbrella. This gift is also ideal for her or him.

6. Touch India Couple on Moon

valentine day gift for Wife & Husband

The multicolour statue depicting a couple seated on the crescent moon is available on Amazon and rather affordably priced. It makes an ideal showpiece and can be gifted to him or her. This statue carries hues of silver, white, black and red, among other colours and will catch the attention of anyone at first sight.

7. Tied ribbons Sipper, Key-Ring Combo

Valentine day gift Ideas

This sipper and key-ring combo pack are available online from Flipkart. The sipper and key-ing depict a caricature of a boy and girl holding hands and carries the legend ‘Happy Valentine’s Day.’ This gift again can be given to her or him and has great utility value since both the items can be used daily.

8. Awesome Dad, Awesome Mom Cushion Set

For children who wish to greet their parents on Valentine’s Day, Flipkart has the perfect gift in the form of Awesome Dad, Awesome Mom set of two cushions. Since lots of couples mark their wedding anniversary on February 14, this is a perfect gift to also mark that special occasion of your parents.

9. Tied ribbons Super Girlfriend/ Super Boyfriend Mugs

valentine day gifts for boyfriend

Also available at Flipkart, the Super Girlfriend, Super Boyfriend mugs combo pack is great for youngsters. Very affordably priced, the wording on these mugs are sure to make your beloved feel very special on Valentine’s Day 2018.

10. Couple Mini T-Shirts

Couple Mini T-Shirts available at ShopClues is sure to delight anyone. They are made of high-quality material and carry the legend ‘Mr. Right’ and ‘Mrs. Always Right’. Of course, these T-shirts are meant as gifts and not for wearing. Yet, they amply highlight the affection between couples.

Selecting Right Valentine’s Day Gift

Understandably, lots of factors come into play while selecting the right gift on Valentine’s Day for that special person in your life. As mentioned earlier, scores of online stores operating worldwide have made it easier to select and surprise your beloved with something they will cherish.

Budgets, of course, play a major role in deciding the type of gift you can buy. Look for discount coupons that give you between five and 50 percent off on your online shopping. This way, you save money and also ensure the best possible gift reaches your beloved.

If your beloved loves readymade garments, a wide selection is available online at Myntra and other websites. Online shopping also offers you the advantage of combining a greeting card with your gift or simply sending a free message along with the article.


Remember, Valentine Day gifts need not be expensive. Of course, everyone wants to impress that special person but often monetary constraints prevent us from sending a choice gift. As explained earlier, any gift is an expression of love. Should you be strapped for funds, a simple greeting card will also suffice.

Also, remember to place your order well in time for Valentine’s Day. This is because online stores generally experience a flood of shoppers and hence, their delivery systems can get overstretched.

Generally, inexpensive gifts such as a small bar of chocolates, single red rose or even a hand-made greeting card will suffice as a gift during the Valentine Week and Valentine’ Day. Hence, there is no dearth of ideas on what you can do to highlight your affection for that special one on Valentine’s Day.

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