Top 10 Metropolitan Cities in India

Do you know what are metro or metropolitan cities and how many metro cities are there in India?

“A Metropolitan City is a region consisting of a densely populated urban core surrounded by the less populated area under same administrative jurisdiction.”

Metro cities are not just the economic powerhouse of a country but also a major cultural hub where people from all over the country come to work and live there. 

Every country has its famous metropolitan cities like London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Dubai, etc. 

Here we look top 10 best metropolitan cities in India which are very populous as well as contribute immensely to the Indian economy. 

Top 10 Metropolitan Cities in India

You may or may not have visited these metro cities. But you must read about them and visit someday.  

1. Mumbai

best metro city in India, Mumbai

Mumbai also known as the city of dreams is India’s second-most populous metro city after New Delhi.

Mumbai is the most cosmopolitan of cities and with a population of over 15 million the size of the economy is over $400 billion. 

Mumbai can be considered as India’s melting pot where people from all across the country come here to work and make a living. 

The best thing about Mumbai is its nightlife, women feel safe going outside even in the midnight. Some of the important landmarks to visit are Gateway of India, Bandra-Worli Sealink, CST, Nariman point, etc. 

The city has a maximum number of billionaires in the country. South Mumbai is the wealthiest urban precinct in India, famous businessmen and Bollywood stars live there. 

2. New Delhi

New Delhi

New Delhi, India’s national capital is the largest city by population and second-largest by the economy.

New Delhi is home to Indian bureaucracy and the political system. It is a historic city with a lot of historical sites, museums and gardens. 

This metropolitan city is an amalgamation of new and old architecture. Old Delhi architectures like Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb is reminisced of the Mughal era while on the other hand Connaught place, secretariat building, Delhi Metro reflects modern architecture. 

Sarojini Market and Chandani Chowk are the best places to shop. You can also visit old Delhi for a gastronomical delight.       

3. Bengaluru


Bengaluru city is famously known as Silicon Valley of India. The city has a population of over 9 million and a GDP of $125 billion. 

The city is home to some of the big IT parks in the country. All the major technology and software multinational companies have offices in the city. 

Another great thing about this metropolitan city is engineering and medical colleges. If you want to advance your career in engineering and medicine then the city has some of the best and very affordable colleges. 

But what you like most about Bengaluru is its pleasant weather which is very cool even in summers. The city also has a lot of botanical gardens and public parks. 

A great metro city for raising your child. 

4. Kolkata


Located at the banks of the Hoogly River Kolkata was the capital of the British Raj. Also known as “City of Joy” is the hub of literature, culture, art, craft, and food. 

If you have to visit Kolkata for one thing then that would be food. The city is famous for all kinds of culinary delights but especially for Bengal Sweets. 

As far as the economy is concerned then it is the third most productive city with an economy of $250 billion. 

Some of the places to visit are Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, National Library, Eden Garden Cricket stadium.   

5. Chennai


Chennai is a southern city Chennai with a population of over 7 million and an economy of $80 billion. 

The city is also known as Detroit of India because of the presence of various multinational automobile manufacturing companies. 

This metropolitan city is a mix of Roman-style architecture and colorful Dravidian temples.   

Some of the major attractions of Chennai are beaches, museums, historical monuments, wildlife, art, and crafts. 

Whether you want to relax on a beach or go to an amusement park or visit a temple, Chennai has got everything. 

However, the city has very warm and humid weather. 

6. Pune


Pune has grown exponentially in the last 10 years to become India’s fifth-largest metropolitan economy. The city has a population of over 3 million and an economy of $50 billion. 

The city is a hub for IT companies and manufacturing industries. Moreover, the city has a large number of research institutes ranging from humanities to science.  

Pune is really great for students because after completing their degree they can easily find a job and live in the city which is cheaper than Mumbai. 

Apart from industries, Pune is also famous for various museums, parks and zoos. 

7. Hyderabad


With over a population of 10 million Hyderabad city has an economy of $60 – $70 billion. 

Hyderabad also known as the city of pearls gives you a glimpse Sultan’s and Mughal emperors. The city is famous for Mughal architecture like Charminar, Golconda Forts, etc. 

Hyderabad is also famous for its cuisine like Biryani, Haleem, Nihari, etc. The city emerged as a cultural powerhouse of southern India.  

As far as jobs and economy are concerned then the city is a hub for servicing industry. 

8. Ahmadabad


Ahmadabad is the largest metro city in the state of Gujarat. The city nicknamed as Manchester of the East is the textile powerhouse of India. 

The city has a population of over 6 million people and an economy of $80 billion. 

Ahmadabad is the largest supplier of denim and jewelry in India. Almost all the major manufacturing companies are located in the city. 

Recently the city inaugurated the largest Cricket Stadium in the world with a capacity of over 1,30,000 audience. 

Ahmadabad is heaven for vegetarian food like Dhokla, Farsans, Khandvi, etc.     

9. Surat


Like Ahmadabad, Surat is also known for its flourishing diamond and textile industries. It is the largest manufacturer of clothes in India. 

Most of the people in the city are self-employed. 

But Surat is generally known for its cleanliness and it is the second cleanest city after Mangalore. 

Surat has a population of over 7 million and an economy of $50 billion. 

If you want to start a new business especially textile-related then Surat is an ideal city for you. 

10. Vishakhapatnam


Vishakhapatnam or Vizag is a port city with a population of 2 million and an economy of over $40 billion. 

Vizag Port and Gangavaram Port are the two topmost ports in the country. 

The city is known for its serene beaches, caves, and wildlife sanctuaries. People living in Mumbai or New Delhi complain about air quality and pollution but Vizag offers very clean air and green surroundings.

There are other landmarks you can visit like Dolphin’s Nose, Lighthouse, Visakha Museum, etc. 


I hope after reading this article you will be tempted to visit these cities. You can easily reach there by air or by train. 

You should go to these metropolitan cities and explore everything from historical sites, food, culture, nightlife to wildlife. 

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