Top 10 Spine Chilling Mysterious Places in India Which are Yet to be Unleashed

India is a land rife with folklore, legends and myths. People in this country are very spiritual and hence, attribute Divine –or Paranormal- reasons for a phenomenon or places that defy laws of science.

At the same time, India is a land rich in mysteries. Some of the biggest unrevealed secrets of India lies beneath some of the most mysterious places in India.

Here we will discuss about such Surprisingly Mysterious places of India.

What if I tell You There is a village in India which has over 400 pairs of twins, It is also Known as Village of TWINS.

We’re not through yet…

If you can Believe, there is a Church which submerges for about three months, during monsoons. It rises again once the waters have receded and is yet intact. It is Also Known as Drowning Church.

Yes, You Read That Right. and that’s not all.

It Gets Better…

If you wish to explore these eerie places in India, we provide a list of top 10 Mysterious locations of India.

Best Mysterious Places in India

List of Most Mysterious Places in India

1. Taj Mahal – Empty Cenotaphs (Agra, Uttar Pradesh)

taj mahal

This will definitely come as a shocker but Taj Mahal, the Indian monument of undying love is shrouded in mystery. US-based Smithsonian Institution, the world’s museum, education and research organisation claims that several elements of Taj Mahal are mysterious.

According to an article published online on official publication of this institute, the two cenotaphs inside the Taj Mahal, where Mughal emperor Shahjehan and his wife,

Mumtaz Mahal in whose honour this wonder of the world was constructed- are empty. Instead, the couple lies buried in two separate tombs in a silent, seldom visited room at garden level of Taj Mahal.

This prestigious research institute questions reasons for constructing the two cenotaphs that lie empty. It has also cast doubt over the placement of Emperor Shahjehan’s grave.

His tomb is positioned irregularly, leading researchers to believe, Taj Mahal was not supposed to be the final resting place for the emperor.

Architecture and engineering that went into the construction of Taj Mahal are also a mystery, claims Smithsonian Institute.

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2. Kongka-La Pass- Landing Base of Aliens (Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir)

Kongka-La Pass

The Kongka-La Pass is a strange place in India which is located at 16,970 feet above sea level and is inaccessible for the most part of the year. It lies in the Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir state of India and in an area that is claimed by China.

Hence, the pass seldom gets visitors. There are monasteries and villages around the Kongka-La Pass, on both sides of the border.

Locals of the area claim, they see unidentified flying objects (UFOs) around the pass frequently. Some residents on both sides of the border say they have witnessed humanoid looking aliens carrying strange equipment conduct experiments on soil, water and plants in the region.

The Indian and Chinese militaries also maintain vigil with radars and other sophisticated tracking equipment for any UFO activity. Drones scouting for aliens monitor the area.

The UFO and encounters of locals with aliens got a massive boost in 2012. The Indian Army spotted a long, ribbon-like UFO flying over the pass.

However, it could not be detected on radar, leading military experts to suspect, the UFO was not made of metal, but some other unearthly material.

Shortly after that Google Earth captured satellite pictures that showed what appeared like a landing base for aircraft. The problem however was, no aircraft built on Earth is capable of landing in such hostile region.

Locals also claim there are graves of alien beings but are too scared to point out these to investigators.

3. Kodinhi- Village of Twins (Kerala)

kondini Village - Twin town
Pic Credits: undiscoveredindiantreasures

This Kodinhi is a nondescript village with about 2,000 families located in Malappuram district of Kerala. There is nothing very striking about this village by any standards.

It has every feature that would make any traveller believe it is just an ordinary, sleepy village that seldom sees much excitement.

But this is where Kodinhi changes and becomes one of the unbelievable places in India. The village has over 400 pairs of twins. Almost every indigenous or migrant woman in Kodinhi has given birth to twins-, especially identical ones- since times immemorial.

Women from Kodinhi that marry and migrate to other places also deliver twins. Despite advances in medical science, genetics, gynaecology and other fields, no apparent reason has been discovered for Kodinhi women to have twins.

However, there are dozens of myths that prevail in the village and surrounding areas. The most mundane being, waters from Kodinhi wells contain some elements that cause women to bear twins.

Others range from stories about twin goddesses that wanted to stay together and hence, decided to marry some deity who also had a twin brother.

They were expelled from heaven and made Kodinhi their abode. In Kodinhi, it is very common to see double of several women, men and children.

4. Floating Pillar Temple (Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh)

Floating Pillar Temple

The Veerabhadra Temple in Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh is dedicated to Hindu deity, Lord Shiva. It was built in an architectural style, contemporary to the Vijayanagar Empire, around 1530 AD.

This temple of India is an engineering marvel, being carved from a single block of rock. Examples of such monuments are very rare worldwide.

The temple has large idols of Lord Shiva as well as Lord Krishna and Lord Brahma, along with other deities. It consists of some 70 assorted pillars located across the shrine.

However, one among these stone pillar does not touch the ground. Nor is it suspended from anything above. The pillar merely floats a few millimetres.

Devout Hindus and foreign tourists visit the Veerabhadra temple to view this mysterious pillar. It is possible to pass a towel or sari or any other piece of cloth, wood, paper or other material of a few millimetres thickness from below the pillar.

The common legend is, wearing garments passed under the pillar lead to prosperity. While no scientific reason has been found for the pillar’s unique characteristic, scientists aver, the temple’s engineers have tapped Earth’s geomagnetic field to achieve this feat.

5. Jatinga- Mass Suicide by Birds (Assam)


Another most mysterious place in India located in Assam is Jatinga Mass Suicide.

This village of Assam is also nothing spectacular by any standards. It is a typical farming village whose inhabitants toil in paddy fields during the day.

Monsoons are a particularly hectic time in Jatinga since rice crop is dependent upon abundant rainfall. Inhabitants of Jatinga are ordinary yet hospitable folk.

However, Jatinga is a place that continues to perplex ornithologists, scientists and bird watchers. Every year, thousands of migratory birds of various kinds commit suicide- precisely in and around Jatinga.

The suicide spree begins as the heavy monsoon season draws to a close. Consequently, Jatinga and its surrounding areas experience dense fog and humid weather. This mass suicide by birds continues for several days and occurs right after sunset.

Scientists aver these birds die of natural causes such as injuries caused during their flight over cities with low visibility due to dense fog. Others attribute it to some poisonous food or fruit these birds consume before arrival in Jatinga.

However, nobody has provided a plausible explanation for why these birds chose Jatinga as their final destination and die in such large numbers. Villagers claim evils spirits that fly around Jatinga kill the birds.

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6. Lonar Lake- Hyper Velocity Impact (Lonar, Maharashtra)

Lonar Lake

Lonar Lake is located a little away from Aurangabad city in Maharashtra. This lake is a mystery place not just for India but the entire world.

To begin with, this lake was formed by a hypervelocity impact of some mysterious object with the ground, thousands of years ago. It is the only crater and lake of its kind in the world.

Some scientist claim that a meteorite impact caused the crater. Others suspect it was created when an alien spacecraft crashed at the site.

Whichever theory you believe in, Lonar Lake is a great mystery. Its lake supports microorganisms and life forms that are not found anywhere else on Earth.

Secondly, its waters are saline as well as alkaline- the only of its kind in the world. Thirdly, nobody has ventured to fathom the crater and find what creatures live deep beneath the waters.

The most mysterious part of Lonar Lake is, its source of year-round water remains unknown. The lake never dries up, even in harshest summer of during draughts.

Locals claim the lake was created by deities who were thirsty while travelling around the world.

Regardless of whether it was caused by a meteorite, alien spacecraft, gods or even an ancient nuclear bomb, the Lonar Lake ranks among topmost mysterious places in India and the world.

7. The Drowning Church (Shettihalli, Karnataka)

Shettihalli drowing church

This magical place in India is Located 200km from Bangalore. French missionaries built the Rosary Church at Shettihalli in Karnataka around 1860. This shrine is made in a unique architectural style and is very beautiful.

However, in 1960, the village of Shettihalli and its surrounding area was evacuated to make way for the Hemavati Dam. Consequently, the church was submerged by the dam’s waters.

Interestingly, the Rosary Church submerges for about three months, during monsoons. It rises again once the waters have receded. Hence, it is fondly called The Drowning Church by locals.

Some locals claim the church has not suffered any damage despite years of drowning. Its sanctum sanctorum remains intact, and any damage is only superficial.

This leads many devout Catholics to visit the shrine when it is not submerged. Foreign tourists also visit the church. It can be seen while partially submerged too.

This church is said to be a mystery since the whole village of Shettihalli was flooded and destroyed by waters of the Hemavati Dam. What causes the church to rise after waters recede anyone’s guess.

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8. Hazrat Qamar Ali Darwish Mosque- Levitating Stone (Shivapur, Maharashtra)

Hazrat Qamar Ali Darwish Mosque- Levitating Stone
Pic Credit: curvetube

The Hazrat Qamar Ali Darwish Mosque is a miracle place in India known for its mysterious levitating stone. The mosque itself was built around the 16th century, though there various claims about its history are rife among locals.

It is said to have been constructed by a Sufi preacher, Hazrat Qamar Ali Darwish. According to legend, the Sufi preacher and scholar were harassed by some local ruler and his soldiers.

They tried to murder the saint while he was asleep by crushing his head with a heavy rock. Hazrat Qamar Ali Darwish, however, awoke in time and escaped death.

Fearing his life, the saint decided to leave the region. Before doing so, he placed a curse on the stone. The curse ordains the stone can only be lifted by 11 persons when the chant the name of Almighty Allah in unison.

Millions of people from India and abroad have attempted to lift the levitating rock alone in different ways either singly or with the help of others.

However, their efforts have miserably failed. The mysterious levitating rock can be lifted only when 11 men chant the name of Almighty Allah and apply their forefingers.

9. Dumas Beach- Where the Dead Whisper (Dumas, Gujarat)

Dumas Beach

The Dumas beach near Surat has nothing to offer for sun-sea-sand tourists. Indeed, the beach is very desolate.

There are few huts and dwellings of local fishermen that dot the beach and sparse vegetation. However, Dumas Beach is one of the most mysteries places in India that nobody has yet solved.

According to visitors, one hears whispers in their ears when strolling around the beach. When you look around, there is nobody. These whispers are in the various Indian language, including the local Gujarati.

Some have reported hearing distant dialects too. Scientists have tried to prove these whispers as a sound effect caused by a combination of breeze and people speaking at their dwellings near the beach.

However, there is no reason why such sound appears only as whispers in the ear. These whispers can be heard during broad daylight too.

Locals suspect, the beach was once a cremation and burial ground for ancient people that lived in the region, whose spirits come and try to communicate something.

Others claim the beach was witness to several tragedies including suicides and murders. Hence, the spirits of these victims haunt the beach.

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10. Idukki- Only Red Rain in the World (Idukki, Kerala)


Located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, Kerala receives ample rainfall every year. The region is densely forested and situated amidst mountains.

This place is situated near one of the most famous dams in India, Cheruthoni Dam. It has drawn attention from scientists all over the world for its unique red rain.

Nobody has been able to offer a plausible explanation for the red coloured rainwater that occasionally occurs during two months of monsoon.

According to superstitious locals, the red rain is a reminder of battles fought between gods and demons. The red colour signifies the blood of slain demons that tormented humans.

Others claim it to be tears of blood. However, the fact remains that sometimes Idukki gets red-coloured rainwater.

Scientists claim the red tinge to rainwater is caused by spores of certain species of algae. These spores float around the air during the monsoon season and are trapped in low lying clouds.

When rainfall occurs, these red-coloured spores come down with water, imparting the blood-like tinge.

The Final Conclusion

There are several more mysterious places in India. However, some of them can be described as architectural or engineering wonders.

People attribute supernatural or paranormal forces for their existence since the technology of ancient

India was lost over years of foreign invasions and conquests. Whether unearthly forces are at play or some unknown natural phenomenon is your guess.

However, visiting these mysterious places in India will surely give you that thrill.

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