10 Best Quality Sanitary Pad Brands in India Which Are Safe To Use

Are you worried about monthly discharges staining expensive panties? If that is the case, go for the best sanitary ware pads.

They prevent disease-causing bacteria and fungus from afflicting sensitive parts of the female anatomy.

Hence, they form an essential part of feminine hygiene. Also, some sanitary napkins help you tide over the initial phase of the menstrual cycle by absorbing blood stained discharge.

Further, a lot of panty liners also come with fragrance intended to keep offensive odour from affecting your overall personality.

Importance of Sanitary Pads

Till date, a number of women in India that use sanitary napkins as part of feminine hygiene remain limited.

Lack of awareness about their benefits and costs are the two main factors inhibiting the use of sanitary pads in this country.

Most women consider sanitary napkins as a waste of money. But that is not true. Panty liners, as well as sanitary pads, are very reasonably priced.

As I mention before, they are essential to protect external parts of the female reproductive system against the harmful bacteria that can lead to severe urinary tract infections or even ovarian cysts.

There are excellent brands of cotton pads for periods made available in India.

10 Best sanitary Pads in India

List of Best Sanitary Pad Brands in India

You can buy superior quality sanitary napkin from these brands to protect against infections, conceal embarrassing discharges and overcome the first stages of menstruation.

1. Whisper

whisper pads

Whisper is India’s topmost selling sanitary napkin brand in India.

The brand is made owned by Proctor & Gamble worldwide.

You can buy various kinds of cotton pads from Whisper brand including ultra-thin, winged, ultra-XL, Maxi Regular, Ultra Heavy Flow Overnight and others to suit specific needs.

Price Range: Rs.90 onwards

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2. StayFree

stayfree pads

Another best sanitary pad in India is made available by StayFree.

StayFree is a range of feminine hygiene products owned by Johnson & Johnson. The StayFree brand ranks among the oldest in India.

You can buy ten different types of panty liners and sanitary pads from StayFree. They are made with the finest material and come for all needs including heavy flow to sports.

StayFree is a trendy sanitary napkin brand and available across the country at pharmacies and general stores.

Price Range: Rs.100 onwards

3. Kotex

kotex sanitary pads

Kotex is a very famous brand of sanitary ware pads in India made by an American company, Kimberley-Clark.

In India, you will get Kotex sanitary napkins that are imported from Singapore and the Philippines.

Though the price tag of Rs.840 seems high, the reason is a number of pieces get.

Overall, you will pay the almost similar price for using Kotex sanitary pads as Indian made variants.

Price Range: Rs.840 onwards

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4. iCare Biodegradable

iCare Biodegradable pads

iCare Biodegradable are made of corn fibre and other biodegradable nonwoven materials.

It provides one of the best quality sanitary pads in India for heavy bleeding

The primary raw material used by iCare is corn fibre, pine tree fibre and a special organic gel.

They are highly absorbent, have antibacterial properties and provide several other health benefits.

These sanitary pads also provide extra protection to sensitive parts.

Price Range: Rs.750 onwards

5. Everteen

Everteen sanitary napkins

Everteen is made by Wet & Dry Personal Care Pvt Ltd, a leading brand of feminine hygiene products.

It offers the best sanitary pad for sensitive skin that is made of pure cotton.

Hence, Everteen sanitary napkins provide a very high level of protection and have extreme absorption capabilities.

The brand offers a full range of panty liners and sanitary pads from those used for heavy flow to ones with a fragrance that prevents embarrassing odour.

Price Range: Rs.120 onwards

6. Carefree

Carefree pads

Carefree is also made in India by Johnson & Johnson, under license from its American brand owners.

The carefree range of sanitary napkins is economically priced, keeping in mind the needs of younger women.

They are available in various sizes from ultra-thin to extra-large, sports and daily use.

The brand is extensively marketed across India and hence, readily available at pharmacies.

Price Range: Rs.100 onwards

7. Always


International brand of sanitary pads-Always- is sold in India by Proctor & Gamble.

They rank among the largest selling brand of feminine hygiene products worldwide.

Always sanitary napkins come with limited selection and are meant for discerning women only.

They are styled for maximum comfort and are easily concealable.

Always sanitary pads have special leak-proof protection.

Price Range: Rs.600 onwards

8. Softex

Softex sanitary pads

Softex sanitary napkins are imported and repacked in India.

Generally, Softex panty liners and sanitary pads sold here are from Indonesia and other Far Eastern countries.

However, buying a Softex range of sanitary pads can prove a problem in several parts of India due to limited distribution.

However, you can easily order online. Softex is among the most substantial sanitary napkin in the Far East.

Price Range: Rs.90 onwards

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Bella sanitary pad

Bella is an Indian sanitary napkin brand for menstruation.

The brand offers standard or regular sanitary pads for women that prefer extra thickness with comfort and security.

It also makes sophisticated panty liners and sanitary pads.

Its ultra-thin sanitary napkins are claimed as the only “breathable’ ones in India, meaning they allow proper circulation of air to prevent bacteria build-up and odour.

Price Range: Rs.150 onwards

10. Sofy

Sofy pads

The last one to list as a best sanitary pad brand in India is Sofy

Manufactured by an Indian company, Unicharm, Sofy sanitary pad brand targets the younger woman.

They are specifically designed to suit various needs of teenage and young adult women.

Sofy sanitary napkins are thin and made of excellent, absorbent material.

Hence, they are easily concealable. High absorption qualities of Sofy panty liners and sanitary pads makes them ideal for young women that use bicycle, scooters or two-wheelers, perform Yoga or exercises.

Price Range: Rs.84 onwards

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Feminine Hygiene Products Market in India

The market for panty liners and sanitary napkins in India exhibits 6% Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) that may appear reasonably impressive.

In 2018, the market for feminine hygiene products stood at US$414 million, according to various sources.

By the year 2022, the market in India for panty liners and sanitary pads is expected to stand at modest US$596 million.

In stark contrast, women in China used US$ 4.04 billion worth panty liners and sanitary pads during 2017.

To Sum Up

As awareness spreads about the benefits of sanitary pads, more women are expected to use these products.

The Indian government and several Non- Government Organizations (NGOs) have launched initiatives to distribute free panty liners and sanitary pads to rural women.

Government-owned Primary Health Centres and Women and Child clinics now prominently display posters depicting benefits of using sanitary napkins

These will see more sanitary pad brands in India in the next few years.

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