Top 10 Best Vodka Brands in India with Price List

When life gives you lemon…..add VODKA!

Vodka makes not only the best martinis but also it is a natural relaxer. It offers unique flavours and types which come with medicinal advantages as well.

In India, there are many who want to keep their drinking a secret, but they generally have very limited or no choices. Upon consumption, any alcoholic drink will impart that strong odour to your breath.

Compared to other alcoholic drinks, vodka has a relatively milder flavour. Indeed, a good quality vodka will have a mild smell of lemon or berries. Since it is brewed from potato and starchy grain, it is also colourless.

This makes Vodka, a drink of choice for women and men that wish to keep alcohol consumption discreet.

If you are a woman that wants to keep drinking a secret or a man wanting to prevent strong mouth odour caused by alcohol, try vodka.

In India, we get superb brands of vodka that can be consumed neat, with little water or some mixer of your choice. The neutral taste makes vodka ideal for cocktails too.

What is Vodka?

Vodka is a type of clear, colourless alcoholic spirit that is made from a variety of grains or other plant-based materials, such as potatoes or corn.

It is typically distilled to a high proof, meaning that it contains a high percentage of alcohol. Vodka is known for its smooth, neutral flavour and versatility as a mixer in cocktails.

It is popular worldwide and is often consumed straight, on the rocks, or mixed in cocktails.

List of 10 Best Vodka Brands in India with Price

1. Romanov (United Spirits Ltd)

Romanov is the leading Indian vodka brand. Over 1.4 million cases of Romanov vodka were sold across India during the first six months of 2018. The brand draws its name from the former Czarist dynasty of Russia.

Made entirely of grain, Romanov has an extremely mild limey flavour. It has the standard 42.8% Alcohol by Volume (ABV). Affordably priced, Romanov vodka is very smooth to consume either neat, with some water or mixer.

Price: Rs.600/ 750ml

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2. White Mischief (United Spirits Ltd)

White Mischief vodka is one of the best vodka brands in India which is made available by United Spirits Ltd.

The brand primarily targets women that wish to prevent that unmistakable mouth odour caused by other varieties of liquor. Hence, White Mischief is a very neutral-tasting vodka that is almost tasteless.

These features allow White Mischief vodka to be mixed with juice or soft drinks that are available in India. Since the vodka has a light taste, nobody would know that fruit juice or soft drink is laced with White Mischief.

Price: Rs.700/750ml

3. Smirnoff (Diageo India)

Smirnoff is a globally renowned brand of vodka. This vodka first appeared in the market in the mid-1800s and was distilled in Moscow by Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov.

Soon after its launch in India, Smirnoff vodka captured a sizeable portion of the country’s liquor market.

By March 2006, Diageo USA claimed Smirnoff vodka was the largest-selling alcohol brand in the world. It was ousted from its position officially in 2014 by India’s Officer’s Choice whisky.

This is one of the most well-known vodka brands in the world, and it has a strong presence in the Indian market. Smirnoff offers a range of flavors, including classic, apple, and citrus.

In India, you can buy Smirnoff vodka from any good liquor store. It is commonly available at upmarket bars and restaurants.

The advantage of Smirnoff vodka is they come with varying ABVs. You get Smirnoff with as low as 20% ABV while the strongest variant has 50% ABV of 70 to 100 US Proof alcohol.

Smirnoff is also available in various flavours that offer a distinct advantage to those who consume alcohol discreetly.

Price: Rs.1,500/750ml

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4. Absolut (Pernod Ricard)

Absolut is a typical Scandinavian vodka. It is a brand from Sweden. Absolut vodka ranks among the top 10 liquor brands of the world. Official website of Absolut vodka claims, it is distilled using a unique variety of wheat peculiar to south Sweden

This excellent brand of vodka is available in different flavours in the Indian and global markets. Hence, it is ideal for those wanting to mask the strong alcohol odour.

The vast array of flavours makes possible for Absolut vodka to go well with any mixer. Absolut Peppar is the most exquisite flavour in this range: It has the taste of chilli peppers.

Price: Rs.1,800/750ml

5. Magic Moments (Radico-Khaitan Ltd)

Magic Moments is an Indian vodka brand distilled by the famous liquor company, Radico-Khaitan Ltd. It meets and exceeds international standards and hence has a wide following in India and abroad.

Magic Moments vodka is distilled using the finest Indian grains. It is triple filtered using a unique process that ensures its crisp taste and almost zero flavours. Magic Moments claims to be “smooth as silk,” while drinking.

To cater to Indian women, Magic Moments vodka comes in a fantastic range of over half a dozen flavours. Hence, it is easy to blend with various mixers or consume neat.

For the price, Magic Moments is the vodka of choice among Indians. It is also a drink of choice among younger Indians.

Price: Rs.600

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6. Fuel (Pernod Ricard)

Fuel is a premium vodka brand in India. It is presented in a unique rectangular flask. Pernod Ricard, the brand owner, calls it the second most popular brand in India in its class. This is because Fuel is available in different flavours and offers excellent value for money.

In line with the traditions of Pernod Ricard, this vodka is made from the finest quality grains and triple filtered. Hence, Fuel’s classic version of vodka is bereft of any taste or flavour.

Additionally, Pernod Ricard also distils Fuel vodka in different exotic flavours, keeping in mind, the need for discretion among female and younger alcohol consumers of this country.

Price: Rs.800 onwards/750ml

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7. Wyborowa (Pernod Ricard)

Another best Vodka in India is made available, which is Wyborowa.

Wyborowa is a brand of vodka from Poland. In India, it is marketed by Pernod Ricard. This vodka as crafted using skills that are in use since over five centuries.

Wyborowa is a vodka brand available in India and 70 other countries. It is made exclusively of Rye grown in Poland.

A salient feature of Wyborowa vodka being, it is free from any artificial colourants and other ingredients. It is a pure vodka made with Rye, water and other natural ingredients.

Wyborowa vodka has won several international awards: There are over 30 prizes and awards Wyborowa has to its credit, won international liquor events held in Europe and the US.

Price: Rs.3,000/750ml

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8. Stolichnaya (Russian Government)

Looking for a really authentic Russian vodka? Go for Stolichnaya.

This historic brand of vodka is manufactured by an enterprise owned by the Russian government, through a private party from Latvia that now claims a partnership.

Stolichnaya vodka continues to be enjoyed by the top leadership of Russia as well as ordinary folk.

Stolichnaya is perhaps the oldest brand of Russian vodka sold in the international market, including India. It was first made in 1901.

The brand has a great history. Stolichnaya vodka is available in three variants. However, availability may be restricted in your area: this brand is sold only by upmarket liquor shops and served at exclusive restaurants. Stolichnaya is a Russian vodka.

Hence, you can expect low to moderate smell from your mouth upon consumption. Overall, it is the best vodka in the international market.

Price: Rs.3,000/750ml

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9. Vladivar (Whyte & Mackay) Rs.2800 onwards/ 750ml

Vladivar is a pure grain crafted to keep people warm during prolonged, harsh winters peculiar northern Europe. It is made in Scotland. In India, you can buy Vladivar vodka at select liquor shops only.

Triple filtration through food grade charcoal gives Vladivar that unique light taste. It lacks any particular flavour or smell.

Only the classic version of Vladivar vodka is available in India. The range also includes flavoured, Vodka-based drinks crafted exceptionally for women.

However, you can enjoy Vladivar vodka at some of the topmost restaurants in India. Mix it with fruit juice to reduce any smell of alcohol from your mouth.

Price: Rs.2800 onwards/ 750ml

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10. Gray Goose (Bacardi)

Gray Goose ranks among the topmost imported vodka brands in India. It is originally a brand from France.

Created by Sidney Frank in 1990, this is the only brand of vodka to be distilled with French tradition, Maitre de Chai.

This process allows flavours of the vodka to be produced during the intricate filtration process. In India, you can buy Gray Goose vodka in different tastes.

Try this vodka since it is made with wheat from Picardy region of France. The distillation process also involves transporting its distillate to the Champagne region, where Gray Goose receives its finishing touches before hitting the market.

Price: Rs.2800 onwards/ 750ml

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To Sum Up

Vodka comes under the category of white spirits. According to various market reports, regular and premium, including the imported vodka market of India are witnessing a growth of an estimated 18% to 20% annually.

The reason is, white spirits are finding increasing acceptance among Indians. Vodka’s popularity in India stems from two main reasons- the need for discretion among female alcohol consumers and the ease of concealing.

Being colourless, travellers in India often carry vodka in mineral water bottles to consume on board trains, where alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden. Another reason is the growing popularity of cocktails.

Since vodka is a very versatile liquor and lacks taste or a strong smell, it is an ideal base for alcoholic cocktails. You can enjoy any of these vodkas neat, with a mixer or a cocktail.

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