10 Best Brandy Brands in India To Try Out Atleast Once

Brandy is called as the ‘underdog’ of India’s liquor market. It is not a very popular alcoholic drink in India.

However, industry reports suggest, brandy market in India is growing at some 6-8% per annum. This trend is expected to continue until 2022.

There are several reasons why most drinkers shun brandy. Firstly, brandy has this excellent warming effect on the human body.

India experiences warm weather almost round the year, and hence people prefer alcoholic drinks that will not add to their body heat after consumption.

Secondly, brandy is traditionally used in India as a home remedy for curing anything from a minor cough, colds and fever to colic and abdominal pain.

If you are avoiding brandy due to these reasons, there are several more why it should be consumed.

Benefits of Brandy

Brandy has an overall warming effect on your body. This helps vasodilation or slight expansion of your capillaries.

As a result, parts of the body that are suffering from poor blood supply are able to rejuvenate when you consume brandy.

Secondly, brandy is made of pure grapes. In fact, it is formed by distilling wines. Thus you are assured of getting an alcoholic drink that has been brewed purely from fruit.

It does not contain any molasses alcohol. Nor does brandy contain artificial colours since distillation process lends it that rich golden hue.

Also, brandy helps promote natural sleep, unlike other alcoholic drinks. It does not interfere with the sleep system of your brain like other liquor.

Hence, it is recommended in minimal doses to people who have insomnia.

If you are convinced that brandy indeed holds health benefits compared over other drinks, try one of these best brandy brands in India

best brandy brands in India

Top 10 Best Brandy Brands in India 

These 10 brandy brands are found across India. However, availability may be limited in some parts due to demand and supply reasons.

Yet, you can get a bottle without much hassle from a good liquor store in the city.

Prices we mention are purely indicative. They may vary according to your location due to taxes and other levies.

1. Honey Bee (United Breweries)

best Selling Brandy of India - Honey Bee Brandy
pic credit: theliquorshop.com

Honey Bee is the best brandy brand in India. It is a typical Indian brandy consisting of 42.8% Alcohol by Volume (ABV).

This brand is very famous in Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka, though it is available across India.

Honey Bee brandy is made from local Indian grapes. It has a rich golden hue and warms your body rather quickly

Price Range: Rs.450/750ml

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2. Janus (Sula Vineyards)

janus brandy

Janus brandy by Sula Vineyards is made of finest Indian grapes from Nashik region of Maharashtra.

This brandy has won international accolades and is also exported from India.

It is the best brandy brand your money can buy in India. However, Janus brandy is for discerning drinkers only.

It has a rich fruity aroma and gives a wonderful warmth.

Price Range: Rs.1,200/750ml

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3. Mansion House (The Tilaknagar Industries)

mansion house brandy

Another brandy brand which offers the best brandy in India is Mansion House.

Mansion House made its appearance in India during the late 1970s.

It continues to be marketed as French brandy. Indeed, Mansion House is distilled in India using French processes.

Hence, it has a distinct sweetish aroma that is liked by many. Mansion House brandy has a darker hue.

It is excellent if you are a brandy aficionado who loves a daily drink.

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Price Range: Rs.475/750ml

4. Constantino (Khoday’s Group)

constantino brandy

Constantino comes from Khoday’s Group of Bangalore. It is a top-notch brandy distilled from grapes grown in vineyards of Karnataka.

Constantino brandy is very popular for its warming effects and is consumed widely during winters.

Further, it is extensively used by families to treat minor colic and indigestion problems.

Often, Constantino is suggested as a cure for colds and fever.

Price Range: Rs.500/750ml

5. Officer’s Choice (Allied Blenders & Distilleries Ltd)

officier's choice brandy

Officer’s Choice brandy rides on the runaway success of the eponymous whisky brand.

It is priced very reasonably and has replaced what was once famous in India as ‘Doctor’s Brandy’.

Officer’s Choice brandy is a hit among daily drinkers for its affordable price and health benefits.

It has a mild golden hue and is distilled from local grapes of Maharashtra.

Price Range: Rs.400/ 750ml

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6. Morpheus (Radico Khaitan)

morpheus brandy

Morpheus Brandy is matured for six years before being bottled and marketed claim Radico-Khaitan, the brand owners.

This brandy contains textures of warm soil and scents as well as the richness of tropical weather. It is matured in oak casks.

Morpheus brandy is a premium brand offering the best brandy in India and favourite among discerning drinkers. It has a rich golden hue.

Price Range: Rs,800/750ml

7. Old Admiral (Radico-Khaitan)

old admiral best brandy

This one also comes from the house of Radico-Khaitan, a topmost brewing and distilling name in India.

Old Admiral is the fastest growing brandy brand in the Indian market.

It is matured in old oaken casks by the distillers. The brandy itself is made from finest grapes available in central India.

Their high fructose content and unique flavour make Old Admiral a brandy of choice.

Price Range: Rs.600/750ml

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8. Courrier Napoleon (The Tilaknagar Industries)

courier napolean brandy

Courrier Napoleon brandy is distilled in traditional French methods. It imparts Courrier Napoleon its rich golden hue.

This excellent brandy has hints of honey and vanilla combined with matured oaken tones.

This is a very unique type of brandy, albeit priced reasonably. Any brandy lover will testify it ranks among the best brandy brands in India which are totally worth it.

Price Range: Rs.500/750ml

9. 8PM Excellency (Radico-Khaitan)

8 pm excellency brandy

8PM Excellency is a good brandy in India that also derives fame from the eponymous whisky.

This brand offers a carefully crafted brandy. It is made of finest Indian grapes.

This brandy has rich fruity tones and hints of chocolate and flower blossoms.

Keeping in line with Radico-Khaitan’s traditions, this brandy is also matured in old oaken casks before bottling and marketing.

Price Range: Rs.450/750ml

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10. Lord & Master Brandy (Allied Blenders & Distillers Ltd)

lord and master brandy

With its deep golden hue and intense aroma, Lord & Master brandy is for those who love stronger drinks.

It has an ABV of 42.8%, similar to other brandy brands available in India.

However, Lord & Master stands out over other brands for its typical macho appeal.

ABDL has positioned this brandy towards middle-aged men who love fine brandy.

Price Range: Rs.600/750ml

Drinking The Best Brandy

Generally, brandy is consumed neat or with very little quantity of tepid water. You sip brandy, let it swirl on your tongue similar to wine, before swallowing.

If you prefer mixing with water, ensure it is slightly warm. The warmth of water as mixer combined with brandy make a formidable combination.

It gives you that instant inner burst of heat and warms you all over. This helps rid tiredness and stress almost immediately.

You can also add a dash of brandy to black coffee made without sugar. This drink can be consumed during the day if you are unwell.

Women will find black coffee and brandy particularly useful in relieving pelvic and back pain caused during menstruation.

The Final Conclusion

Drinking brandy is an art in itself. It is an acquired taste. Generally, people do not consume brandy to get high or knocked out.

Brandy is a drink meant to add warmth to your entire personality. It temporarily relieves stress and anxiety, thus helping you to overcome irritability and anger.

Drinking fine brandy also arouses your dormant senses. Brandy is said to have beneficial effects for those seeking carnal pleasures.

If you have not tried brandy, get one of those from the best brandy brands in India that we have mentioned.

Brandy is relatively inexpensive in India. Hence, you can get an excellent brandy at affordable rates.

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