10 Best Brandy Brands in India To Try Out Atleast Once

Brandy is called as the ‘underdog’ of India’s liquor market. It is not a very popular alcoholic drink in India. However, industry reports suggest, brandy market in India is growing at some 6-8% per annum. This trend is expected to continue until 2022. There are several reasons why most drinkers shun brandy. Firstly, brandy has … Read more

10 Most Superior Quality Gin Brands in India For Making Cocktails

No woman on planet Earth likes an alcoholic breath. Taboos over alcohol consumption by women are fast disappearing in India. Despite, most people will frown upon women that drink alcohol regularly or reek of booze after a party. Women’s Drink? Gin was not originally distilled for women only. However, its distinct characteristic of being an … Read more

Top 10 Best Vodka Brands in India with Price List

When life gives you lemon…..add VODKA! Vodka makes not only the best martinis but also it is a natural relaxer. It offers unique flavours and types which come with medicinal advantages as well. In India, there are many who want to keep their drinking a secret, but they generally have very limited or no choices. … Read more