10 Most Superior Quality Gin Brands in India For Making Cocktails

No woman on planet Earth likes an alcoholic breath. Taboos over alcohol consumption by women are fast disappearing in India.

Despite, most people will frown upon women that drink alcohol regularly or reek of booze after a party.

Women’s Drink?

Gin was not originally distilled for women only. However, its distinct characteristic of being an almost odourless liquor made it famous among women.

Gin offers several health benefits to for women, which we will discuss later in this article.

If you are the woman that enjoys liquor and would be happy without alcoholic breath or perspiration, try Gin.

Gin is bereft of the strong alcohol odour that is a prominent feature of other liquor.

It is clear and blends well with any mixer including fruit juice or lemonade.

Gin is a smooth drink especially meant for cocktails.

List of 10 Best Gin Brands in India

Best Gin brands in India

Excellent brands of local and foreign brands of Gin are available in India. If you would love to try one, buy a flask from any of these best Gin brands in India. Prices may vary according to your location.

1. Savoy Club (The Tilaknagar Industries)

savoy club

Savoy Club is a signature gin crafted from the finest botanicals, premium fruits and spices carefully handpicked from the freshest produce, say its distillers, The Tilaknagar Industries.

This brand leads all Gin brands in India. It is best suited for female drinkers.

It has a subtle flavour of lime and blends well with any soft drink of any citrus fruit juice as well as lime ‘n lemony soda.

Upon consumption, Savoy Club does not cause alcoholic breath unless you drink massive volumes of this Gin.

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2. Blue Lagoon Orange (The Tilaknagar Industries)

blue lagoon gin

Blue Lagoon Orange Gin is a unique alcohol from The Tilaknagar Industries. It is a Gin that blends in aromas of natural orange.

You can enjoy Blue Lagoon Orange Gin without fearing any alcoholic breath. This product has been blended especially for women.

Blue Lagoon Orange Gin is made with the finest grain available in India. It contains some six different botanicals.

Hence, it has a superb taste and flavour. The deep and sparkling orange colour adds to appeal of this top Gin brand of India.

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3. Gordon’s (Diageo India)

gordon gin

Alexander Gordon created Gordon’s Gin in 1769. Now Gordon’s Gin is available in almost every country of the world including India.

It is enjoyed by millions of people in over 180 countries around the world, according to the brand owner, Diageo. Gordon’s Gin is renowned for its smooth palate and fine aroma of Juniper berries.

Therefore, you need not add a mixer to Gordon’s Gin: plain water and some ice will suffice to make a great tasting drink.

Gordon’s Gin has won several coveted awards worldwide. It also holds four Royal Warrants- an accolade given by Britain’s royal household.

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4. Beefeater (Pernod-Ricard India)

beafeater gin

Beefeater is a globally renowned Gin brand available in India too, thanks to Pernod-Ricard that owns several internationally acclaimed liquor brands.

According to the official website of Beefeater, this Gin is made of finest grain and contains a blend of nine botanicals including Juniper.

Angelica root, Angelica seeds, Coriander (Cilantro) seeds, Almonds, Orris root, Seville oranges and lemon peel.

Beefeater is distilled with a unique process that involves dipping these botanicals for 24 hours in raw spirits before distillation.

The process imparts it the unique aroma. Beefeater Gin traces its history to 1863.

5. Greater Than (Nao Spirits)

greater than gin

Greater Than is the only brand of Gin distilled using the London Dry process and in copper stills.

The brand- Greater Than is also India’s first craft Gin. During the last two years, Greater Than London Dry Gin has won many fans and is acclaimed as the best gin in India made available in foreign markets as well.

Greater Than is made by Goa-based Nao Distilleries, a startup venture. It is the only Indian gin brand made with ingredients sourced from various parts of the world.

It is a Juniper berry driven Gin. Greater Than is distilled with botanicals including Fennel, Lemongrass and Ginger, among others.

Hence it has an excellent taste. Greater Than can be consumed without a mixer, with little water and ice, if you wish to relish its full unique aroma.

Greater Than Gin blends well with all mixers and is excellent for cocktails too.

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6. Hapusa (Nao Spirits)

hapusa gin

Talking of craft Gin, another recent gin brand making waves across India and in foreign markets is Hapusa.

It is the only Gin in the world made with Juniper berries from the foothills of Himalayas and contains purely Indian and native botanicals.

The formula of Hapusa Gin has closely guarded the secret. This unique Gin is also distilled in Goa by Nao Spirits.

It is presented in an elegant dark flask that would appeal to any woman. The world’s first Himalayan Dry Gin.

According to Hapusa website, this Gin has excellent notes of Pine forest on the nose with a bold earthiness and wildflowers on the palate.

With 42.8% ABV, the Hapusa craft Gin is all set to conquer Indian and foreign markets.

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7. Bombay Sapphire (Pernod-Ricard)

bombay saphire gin

Bombay Sapphire is a world-famous Gin that is now marketed in India by Pernod-Ricard, on behalf of brand owners, Bacardi.

It is presented in a flask that resembles the colour of the famous Star of Bombay, a sapphire now on display at Smithsonian Institutes.

Bombay Sapphire Gin is expensive because it is imported in India. It is distilled with finest grain spirits sourced from other distilleries in the UK.

Its distillers process these grain spirits using a recipe that consists of 10 different botanicals including Almond, lemon peel, Liquorice, Juniper berries, Orris root, Angelica root, Cilantro seeds, Cassia, Cubeb, and Grains of Paradise.

It is thrice evaporated in carter-head stills, and spirit vapours are passed through a mesh containing the 10 botanicals to give Bombay Sapphire Gin their unique aroma.

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8. Magic Moments (Radico-Khaitan)

magic moments gin

Magic Moments is an extra dry Gin made by Indian liquor major, Radico-Khaitan.

The brand is available in plain, lemon and orange flavours.

It is one of the most popular gin brands in India. The brand ‘Magic Moments’ is used by Radico-Khaitan for its finest alcoholic drinks.

The company says this Gin is best to celebrate “Magic moments of your life.” Magic Moments Gin is a grain liquor blended with botanicals.

It ranks among the leading gin brands in India and is a favourite among women that love cocktails.

Magic Moments Gin goes well with any mixer and can also be enjoyed neat. Generally, women prefer Magic Moments with a little Tonic Water or lemonade.

It is an affordable priced Gin that can be consumed frequently in standard drink sizes for health benefits.

9. Tanqueray (Diageo)

Tanqueray gin

Tanqueray Gin has been famous gin alcohol brand in India since decades when it was brought in by people returning from foreign trips.

Over the last few years, the brand is imported and sold in India by Diageo and its eponymous Indian division.

This world-famous Gin derives its name from Charles Tanqueray who experimented with several unique botanicals in 1830, to craft one of the finest gins of the era.

Recipe of Tanqueray London Dry Gin is a closely guarded secret. It is the best-selling Gin in the USA and is rapidly finding popularity among Indian women.

According to various sources, Tanqueray is distilled from fine grain spirits and contains different botanicals.

These include Juniper berries, Coriander seed, Angelica root and Liquorice while others are maintained the secret.

This Gin goes well with any mixer and is ideal for cocktails. In recent years, Tanqueray has extended its line to offer different Gin variants.

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10. Big Ben Deluxe (Mohan Meakin Group)

Big Ben Deluxe is one of the most popular Indian gin brands from Mohan Meakin Group’s and distilled at its Mohan Nagar facilities.

It is famous for it’s strong, somewhat robust, spicy juniper note, anise, coriander, little sweetness, delicate citrus notes.

The brand offers a pleasantly dry gin- meaning- it is made from natural grain spirits and blended with finest botanicals.

If you want a great Gin that does not have an odour but smells very pleasant on the breath, go for Big Ben Deluxe.

It is a London Dry type Gin that is distilled in copper stills. Big Ben Deluxe Gin is also exported around the world.

It is a very prized brand in the foreign market due to its uniquely Indian taste, imparted by local botanicals added during the distillation process.

Understanding Gin

It is essential to know Gin and why this liquor is a choice of women worldwide. Gin is made of finest grain spirits that are distilled using different methods.

There are three distinct distillation processes that will be indicated on a flask of Gin.

1. London Dry:

This is the widely used form of distillation. It involves distilling neutral grain spirits and different botanicals in columnar stills.

Juniper berries and peels of citrus fruits including orange and lemon are added to these neutral spirits. The end product is a crisp liquor that has negligible alcohol odour.

Instead, Gin distilled in this process has a subtle, citrus flavour. Some distillers add other botanicals including Ginger, Cilantro and Anise to impart a unique taste to their Gin.

2. Jenever:

The Jenever or Genievre process originated a couple of centuries ago in the Netherlands. It was used to distil malt wines.

However, unpleasant smell of the ensuing liquor prompted distillers to add Juniper berries and other botanicals to mask the alcoholic odours. The result was Jenever type Gin that has a fruity-floral aroma.

Alcohol made using the Jenever of Genievre process was used in the 1500s by physicians as a remedy for various ailments that are peculiar to women. In fact, the term ‘Gin’ to describe this type of alcohol was derived from the Dutch word Jenever.

3. Sloe:

A type of Gin that contains extracts of fruits or herbs to impart a sweet taste is called Sloe.

This Gin is also made from neutral grain spirits and botanicals including Juniper berries.

However, during the distillation process, fruit extracts are added to give Sloe Gin their sweet and fruity flavour.

The most common mixer used for consuming Gin is Tonic Water- made of extracts of Quinine and other medicinal herbs.

October 19 every year is celebrated as International Gin & Tonic Day as a tribute to the favourite alcoholic drink among women since centuries.

Health Benefits of Gin

Drinking Gin holds several health benefits, especially for women. Hence it has become popular as feminine or ‘ladies’ drink.

  • Gin is made using Juniper berries. They have often been called ‘Power Nuggets.’ Since ancient times, Juniper berries were considered as medicine. When you consume Gin, extracts of Juniper berries in your drink help ward off urinary tract and kidney infections keeps your heart ship-shape and improves blood circulation which gives you a glowing skin.
  • Juniper berry extracts in Gin are loaded with essential anti-oxidants. They help your skin fight signs of ageing. Drinking Gin regularly or even daily in small amounts can help prevent premature wrinkling of the skin.
  • Gin helps prevents fluid accumulation in your body. Hence, drinking Gin actually boosts your body’s capacity to rid itself of toxins that are collected in liver and kidneys.
  • Gin crafted with proper botanicals including the main ingredient Juniper berries has been found to promote bone health among women. Generally, women need a higher intake of calcium. Gin helps Calcium metabolism and hence helps develop strong bones while preventing arthritis and osteoporosis.
  • All leading brands of Gin contain botanicals that benefit your respiratory system. They have mucolytic properties and prevent the formation of phlegm in the respiratory tract and lungs. Gin is therefore ideal for women that enjoy smoking too as it can stem some damage to the female respiratory system.
  • Drinking Gin during menstruation helps alleviate a backache and pelvic pain. It also helps smooth flow of menstrual fluids.

Gin & Tonic

Gin and Tonic or rather Gin mixed with Indian Tonic Water is a historical drink.

It was the mainstay of women during the colonial era on the Indian subcontinent. Gin and Tonic were by the British East India Company around the 1700s.

The drink traces its origin to a Scottish physician who found that mixing quinine (extract of Chincona tree) helps prevent Malaria, which was rampant in India.

Since quinine is bitter, British soldiers consumed Gin with quinine and sugar. The sweet taste appealed more to women.

The launch of Indian Tonic Water saw Gin and Tonic gain immense popularity.

Wrap Up

Gin ranks fifth on the list of liquor preferred by Indians. Hence, Gin was always considered an underdog of the alcohol market in this country.

It continues to be recognised as a feminine drink and hence, shunned by men. Earlier taboos associated with liquor consumption by women in India further stunted Gin market of the country.

Sadly, this led to several popular gin brands in India including Blue Riband from United Breweries to go extinct.

With foreign liquor manufacturers now introducing world famous Gin brands in India, this liquor will see a resurgence in the local market.

However, there is some encouraging news. From the financial year 2016-2017 onwards, the Gin market in India shows 9% Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).

As the market expands, we may see top local brands emerging as national favourites.

For example, United Spirits Ltd, the parent group of United Breweries is planning to revive the Blue Riband brand of Gin while Jagatjit Industries is eyeing a nationwide market for its Aristocrat Gin.

Other imported brands including Hendricks and BOLS are already available in India but might soon be distributed by foreign liquor giants operating in this country.

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