10 Best Champagne Brands in India (Price and Details)

When it comes to celebratory drinks, champagne is the most popular choice. It has been a symbol of glamour, luxury, and sophistication for centuries.

India is home to some of the finest champagne brands in the world, but which ones stand out above the rest?

What makes champagne very expensive? I’ll discuss that later in this article. First, let’s explore the 10 best champagne brands in India and their approximate prices.

Top 10 Best Champagne Brands in India with Price

This list features top brands of champagne I have consumed during my travels around the world. Luckily, they are also available in India.

Please note prices are purely indicative and may vary according to your location.

Since all champagnes are imported, prices also fluctuate due to changes in currency exchange rates. Demand and supply decide availability at any geographic location in India.

1. Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut (Rs.5,000)

Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, or simply Veuve Clicquot, is one of my favorite champagne brands.

This brand is available at select stores and restaurants only. Like every champagne, it has an exciting legend.

Pale pink champagne with moderate sparkling, Veuve Clicquot has very dominant tastes of berries, apples and citrus fruits. Superb if you are on a romantic dinner.

2. Chandon Brut (Rs.5,000)

Chandon Brut is undoubtedly one of the topmost champagne brands in India. This champagne is bright orange-pink in shade.

Chandon Brut boasts of excellent and lingering notes of apple, strawberry, grape and orange. This is fairly a strong tasting champagne with moderate sparkling.

Excellent for those special occasions whose memories you wish to cherish. It sprays very well after the flacon is agitated.

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3. Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut (Rs.4,500)

If you are a champagne lover, try Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut. In fact this a very popular champagne brand in India.

It is made from different vintage wines from the Champagne region of France. Pale pink, this champagne is a delight to taste and smell.

It has notes of apple, grapes, cherries and a slight hint of chocolate.

Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut is the right champagne to celebrate your promotion.

4. Dom Perignon Vintage (Rs.10,000)

Dom Perignon Vintage is champagne to be taken very seriously.

It is a masterpiece, in simplest words. Made with the finest grapes of Champagne, you can actually taste that rare earthy grape flavour.

Superb champagne for discerning drinkers only. Serve this at business meetings to make that extra impression.

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5. Moet & Chandon Imperial (Rs.6,000)

Moet & Chandon Imperial comes with a fairly pale pink hue.

This is typical champagne, crafted with ancient techniques. It retains the full flavour of Champagne grapes and has tones of vanilla, jasmine and oranges. After notes include tobacco and caramel.

Moet & Chandon Imperial is a superb choice for anniversaries and birthdays.

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6. Cattier (Rs.40,000)

Honestly speaking, I’ve yet to come across a Cattier anywhere in India.

This could be due to the high price it commands. However, during a visit abroad, I had the privilege to taste this champagne.

Crystal pink and stronger sparkling, Cattier champagne is definitely worth the price. Its first notes are a blend of fruity and floral with an aftertaste of chocolate and berries.

7. GH Mumm (Rs.7,000)

Getting a flacon of GH Mumm may not be that easy in India. But this is the case with all the Champagne brands. They cost fairly high and are low on alcohol- something that Indian drinkers shun.

GH Mumm is champagne for discerning drinkers only. It has the old-world wine tastes of France, especially exclusive grapes from the Champagne region. And it has very deep flavours of citrus, melon and berries.

Despite its slightly bitter aftertaste, GH Mumm is a great champagne for the price.

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8. Billecart-Salmon (Rs.8,000)

Billecart-Salmon is also fairly difficult to get in smaller cities. However, you would definitely be able to order a bottle at some five-star hotel, Duty-Free or an upscale wine merchant.

This is a deep clear pink champagne that would remind you of a floral fragrance. It leaves a wonderful floral aftertaste. The top notes are very subtle and consist of grapes, earth, citrus, orange and cedar.

Excellent for corporate parties, if you are celebrating something really grand.

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9. Canard-Duchene (Rs.7,500)

Another top champagne brands that make it to my list is Canard-Duchene. This is French old-world type champagne.

I would not recommend it for casual drinkers due to its stronger notes and aftertastes.

However, discerning champagne drinkers will fall in love with Canard-Duchene at the first sip. At the same time, this is very delicate champagne too.

Excellent for a romantic, candle-light dinner with your beloved.

10. Laurent Perrier (Rs.7,500)

And finally, Laurent Perrier, also old-world type of champagne that can be found only at very upscale wine stores and boutique hotels.

Generally, you will get a flacon of Laurent Perrier only on advance orders. An amazingly crafted champagne, the Laurent Perrier has all trappings of excellent craftsmanship.

Its notes are an enigma to most. Upon closer tasting, you will discover flavors of cherries, chrysanthemum and lilies from France with stronger aftertastes of grapes, cedar and lemon.

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Price of Champagnes

In India, champagnes are fairly expensive if you purely consider the volume and alcohol content.

However, it is worth remembering champagnes are generally not for your daily swig. Champagne is usually consumed to commemorate some event or landmark in life.

There are several reasons why champagne is expensive. Firstly, champagne holds a Geographical Indication.

This means, sparkling wine distilled in Champagne province of France with indigenous grapes grown in the region only qualify to be known as ‘champagne’.

You cannot make champagne by growing grapes from that region elsewhere to brew a sparkling wine at locations outside the province.

Since these exquisite grapes grown in the Champagne region are not available in abundance, every distiller can create only a limited number of champagne bottles every year.

Champagne also commands a price according to its vintage and the house of distillers.

Each champagne is crafted using a unique formula. Meaning, no two champagnes will have the same ingredients or distilling process. This makes each brand unique.

And finally, the exchange rate of the Euro to the Indian Rupee also decides on prices of champagne in India.

Champagne prices may vary from region to region and store to store in India.

It’s also dependent on the particular bottle, vintage, or size of the bottle, so it would be smart to consult with a wine merchant or liquor store for the most recent prices on your chosen item.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the best champagne brands in India, a number of factors need to be considered.

From the type of champagne you prefer and the occasion for which it is intended to the price range and region of production, these can all affect your final decision.

Ultimately, however, it is essential to remember that your personal taste should come first when selecting a champagne.

Read some tips about how to sip and appreciate champagne. It is worth your effort, money and time.

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