Top 10 Contraceptive Pills in India in 2019


Birth control is indeed a huge business in India.

Hence, leading pharmaceutical companies make top contraceptive pills in India that suit every woman, her budget and lifestyle.

In fact, the Indian government also promotes birth control to stem the country’s rapidly growing population.

Any woman that wishes to prevent pregnancy for any reason has an unlimited choice of contraceptive pills. Here I list top 10 contraceptive pills in India.

List of Top 10 Best Contraceptive Pills in India

Two distinct types of contraceptive pills are available in India.

The most common are birth control pills that have to be taken over a period of 21 or more days- the normal ovulation cycle for women.

The other is instant birth control pills that can be taken immediately before or after an intimate contact.

Here is the list of top 10 contraceptive pills in India for 2019.

A. Ovulation Inhibitors

These top contraceptive pills in India inhibit ovulation, or formation of the fertile ovum in the female reproductive system.

Consequently, they help in birth control. However, these ovulation inhibitor pills have to be taken once daily to achieve contraception.

1. Mala-N (Free) – by Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

mala-n Combined Oral Contraceptives (COCs)

Mala-N is an oral contraceptive or birth control pill made by state-owned pharmaceuticals company, IDPL.

Mala-N is the most popular brand of contraceptive pills in India.

Mala-Nis a pill of choice among economically weaker sections of the society for birth control.

Government run Primary Health Centres (PHCs) across the country dispense this contraceptive pill for free.

Its commercial variant is known as Mala-D and sells at Rs.5 for a pack of 100 tablets.

Both Mala-N and Mala-D contain the same formula. They contain hormonal medicines Levonorgestrel and Ethinylestradiol.

2. Ovral G (Rs.195/20 pills)- By Pfizer Ltd

ovral G

Ovral G is a hormonal preparation containing Norgesterel and Ethinylestradiol.

It is a globally renowned birth control pill that is also available in India. Ovral G is the largest selling brand of contraceptive pills in India.

It has to be taken continuously over a period of 20 days, without missing a single dose, to be effective.

3. Diane 35 (Rs.313/21 pills) – By Bayer Zydus Pharma Pvt Ltd

Diane 35

Diane 35 is another excellent and top contraceptive pill in India. It is also a brand available in several countries around the world.

Diane 35 contains Cyproterone Acetate and Ethinylestradiol, both hormonal medicines that have strong contraceptive properties.

For best results, this tablet has to be taken continuously for a period of 21 days.

4. Ovuloc (Rs.135/21 pills)- by Serum Institute of India


Consisting of hormonal medicines, Desogesterel and Ethinylestradiol, this tablet requires continuous dosage of one pill daily to achieve contraception.

Ovuloc is an imported product marketed locally by Serum Institute of India.

It is easily available across the country from brick-and-mortar as well as online pharmacies.

5. Femipristal (Rs.999/10 pills) – by Meyer Organics Pvt Ltd


Femiipristal contains Ulipristal Acetate, a potent hormonal drug that delivers contraceptive effect.

Femipristal also works by inhibiting ovulation.

A daily dose of one pill for periods ranging from a week to three months is necessary to achieve desired results.

B. Emergency Contraceptive Pills

Manufacturers market these brands as ‘Emergency Contraceptive Pills’.

Meaning, they can be taken just before or immediately after intimate contact to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

These are very popular in urban centres across India.

They also work by delaying ovulation or retarding release of egg for fertilization.  They contain Levonorgestrel 1.5mg as contraceptive agent.

6. iPill (Rs.110/ Single Dose) – by Piramal Healthcare

Ipill - most popular emergency contraceptive pill in India

iPill contains single ingredient, Levonorgestrel.

This is the most popular emergency contraceptive pill in India and was the first brand to enter the domestic market.

It works by delaying ovulation and release of egg for fertilization.

7. MyPal (Rs.120/ Single Dose) – By Pfizer Ltd

MyPal is a very popular emergency contraceptive pill.

It contains Levonorgestrel that helps delay ovulation and egg release.

Like every other emergency contraceptive pill, it works best when taken just before or immediately after intimate contact.

8. Sirf Ek ( Rs.75/ Single Dose)- by Cipla Ltd

Sirf Ek, as the name suggests, is a single dose emergency contraceptive pill. It contains Levonorgestrel.

This contraceptive pill costs a little less since Cipla Ltd, its manufacturers, promote it primarily in semi-urban parts of the country.

9. Unipill (Rs.100/ Single Dose) – by Hindustan Unilever Ltd

uni pill

This emergency contraceptive is available throughout India.

The reason: It is promoted by FMCG major, Hindustan Unilever whose products are available even in remotest parts of the country. Unipill consists of Levonorgestrel 1.5mg.

10. Gestarest 72 (Rs.100/ Single Dose) McLeod Pharmaceuticals

Contains Levonorgestrel 1.5mg. Gestarest is also available as 21 day contraception kit.

These medicines help prevent unwanted pregnancy by delaying ovulation and release of egg for fertilization.

Use of Contraceptive Pills

Contraceptive pills come with severe side effects that can severely damage your reproductive health.

Further, there are no evidences to actually prove that emergency contraceptive pills actually prevent unwanted pregnancy.

It depends upon individual cases. Nor is there any proof that these pills are useless.

It is important to understand that contraceptive pills do not induce abortion.

Meaning, a pregnant woman cannot take them to prevent childbirth. In fact, contraceptive pills taken during pregnancy can prove harmful to the foetus.

Secondly, all contraceptive pills should be taken only after consulting a qualified and experienced gynaecologist.

Invariably, all contraceptive pills available in India are made with hormonal drugs.

Taking them for prolonged period can render a woman sterile.

Worse, contraceptive pills can cause severe problems like hormonal imbalance if taken without proper medical advice.

Also, some contraceptive pills lose efficiency if taken over alcohol and other intoxicants.

Hence, they should never be used for ‘after party’ pleasures: highly diminished contraceptive effects can cause pregnancy.

Severe Side Effects

Generally, contraceptive pills have some or other side effect. They interfere with normal functioning of the female hormonal system.

Common side effects can include nausea, headache, vomiting and lack of appetite.

However, severe side effects are also known to occur.

These include mental depression, impaired liver function, kidney damage and in worst cases, ovarian cancer. These can be avoided by consulting a gynaecologist or qualified physician before taking them.

Wrap Up

Women in India wish to postpone or avoid pregnancy for myriad reasons. Hence, millions of Indian women prefer taking contraceptive pills.

Maybe this would surprise you: contraceptive pills are also taken for treating various other medical conditions.

These include prevention of excessive bleeding and cramps during menstruation, weight gain, bloating and acne, to name a few.

In such cases too, it is better to consult a physician before starting treatment.

As I mentioned earlier, contraceptive pills can have severe side effects and cause severe, long term health problems if taken recklessly.


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