10 Best Condom Brands in India and Related Products

Condom Brands in India: The word ‘condom’ may inadvertently bring a smirk on your face. The word is used to describe several things in India, especially undesirable people.

Condoms are nothing to laugh about. In fact, a condom can save your life or prevent unnecessary health problems for women and men.

What are Condoms?

Globally, a condom is defined as a birth control device. It is also a prophylactic or something that prevents transmission of disease. Generally, a condom is made of high-quality latex rubber.

In modern times, condoms are made with latex as well as certain synthetic materials to provide added protection against undesirable pregnancy and transmission of disease.

Uses of Condoms

A condom is useful for several purposes.

  • Birth Control
  • Protection against Sexually Transmitted diseases, including Syphilis and Gonorrhoea, among others.
  • Defence against Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) that causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) that has a 100 percent mortality rate.
  • Collecting semen for medical or forensic tests for various reasons.

However, the primary use of a condom is birth control and the prevention of HIV infections through sexual intercourse.

Unfortunately, several women get pregnant against their will due to partners using faulty condoms.

Women and men can fall victim to HIV infections and other STDs by using poor quality condoms.

This occurs because the condom can tear during intercourse or have fine, invisible pores that facilitate the transmission of HIV and other disease-causing microbes.

Hence, it is imperative you should use a high-quality condom before sexual intercourse.

More so if you are into high-risk behaviour and enjoy casual sex with different partners. Here we list the top 10 brands of condoms in India of superior quality.

Best Condom Brands in India with Price

List of Top 10 Best Condom Brands in India With Price

The brands we list will generally be available at all pharmacies across India. If you are shy of buying at stores, simply place an order online.

1. Durex (by Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd )

Most Popular condom brand in India
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Durex is a global condom brand in India. It has been around since 1915 and was introduced into India during the British occupation of the Indian subcontinent.

It ranks as the single largest selling brand of condoms in India. The brand draws its popularity from the wide range of condoms it offers in the Indian market.

These include simple or classic condoms to premium variants such as Extra Dots, Ultra-Thin, Extra Time, and Extended Pleasure.

These upmarket varieties are fortified with ingredients that add pleasure to intimate moments.

Price Range Durex Condoms: Rs.60 onwards

2. Deluxe Nirodh (by HLL Lifecare Ltd)

One of the best condom brand in India
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The brand which provides some of the best condoms in India is Deluxe Nirodh.

It is the successor of Nirodh, a brand of condoms launched by the Indian government in 1963 to check promote birth control and check population growth.

The brand has an interesting history: it was initially named Kamaraj, after the mythical Hindu deity of sex.

Incidentally, veteran Indian politician K. Kamaraj as president of the ruling Indian National Congress. Hence, the brand name was hastily changed to Nirodh, which means ‘Defence’ or ‘Protection’.

The advent of other brands in India offering superior quality condoms spurred Hindustan Latex Ltd to launch an upmarket version of the brand- Deluxe Nirodh. It remains the cheapest condom in India and is priced at Re.1 each.

Price Range of Delux Nirodh Condoms: Rs.120/ 120pcs

3. Manforce (by Mankind Pharma Ltd)

Manforce brand of condoms is manufactured by Mankind Pharma, a leading Indian pharmaceuticals company.

Most economical variety of Manforce condoms are priced around Rs.76. Manforce condoms are made of latex as well as synthetic material.

You can buy a wide range of premium quality condoms from the Manforce brand.

These include Wild Ribbed Contour Dotted, Flavour condoms that come with fragrances of various fruits, Extra Dotted, More Lasting Extra Long Time, Staylong and Super XXX among others.

Price Range Manforce Condoms: Rs.76 onwards

4. Skore (by TTK Group)

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These are fine quality condoms come from reputed pharmaceuticals and business group of south India- TTK

The brand offers some of the best long lasting condoms in India which are made of 100% pure rubber latex.

A few premium varieties of Skore condoms are also made with synthetic materials. Skore condoms command a major market share in India.

Other than basic condoms, Skore range also includes premium variants including ones with fruit flavours, dotted, Not Out, Cool, Quick, Blues, Climax Delay, Dotted Extravaganza and Thin.

Premium range condoms also contain spermicide and other ingredients to rule out unwanted pregnancy while offering superior protection against STD and HIV infections.

Price Range skore Condoms: Rs.76 onwards

5. KamaSutra (by JK Ansell Ltd)

Top condom manufacturers in india

 Another mind-blowing wide range of condoms is provided by one of India’s most famous condom brands, i.e. KamaSutra.

KamaSutra condoms are manufactured by JK Ansell Ltd, a Joint Venture between India’s leading fashion brand Raymond and Ansell Ltd, a global leader in birth control technologies.

While KamaSutra brand includes the basic condom available at very economical rates as part of India’s population control efforts, the company has an astounding range of premium products.

You can buy a whopping 23 different types of condoms from the KamaSutra brand. The latest variant is Orgasmax.

KamaSutra’s premium range also includes Skyn Extra Lube fortified with lubricants, dotted and ribbed condoms, special condoms for honeymoons, ChillThrill, Warm Intimacy, Wet ‘n Wild and Intensity range.

Price Range Kamasutra Condoms: Rs.25 onwards

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6. Moods (by HLL Lifecare Ltd)

Moods condom brand

 Moods comes from pioneers of India’s condom industry, HLL Lifecare Ltd.

Moods is a very economically priced range of condoms. Prices range only between Rs.20 and Rs.85. In fact, Moods is the most widely available condom brands in India.

Moods condoms are available in India since 1968 and draw on the popularity of Nirodh, which was also developed and launched by HLL Lifecare Ltd.

Moods range of condoms are available in over 30 countries. Health authorities of several countries dispense Moods condoms free of costs to prevent HIV and STD spreading on their territories and for population control purposes.

Price Range for Moods condoms: Rs. 20 onwards

7. Kohinoor (by Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd)
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Kohinoor was once an independent brand of Indian condoms. It is now part of the Durex range and made in India by Reckitt Benckiser, a healthcare multinational with operations in this country.

They rank among the most affordably priced condoms in India and are meant to promote birth control and prevention of HIV and STD.

Despite their economical price, Kohinoor condoms are also available in various patterns and exotic flavours.

These include Dotted, Xtra Time, Xtra Time Dots, Pleasure Pink Premium and Pleasure Dotted, among other varieties.

Kohinoor condoms are no-frills brands and are meant for women and men that want to draw maximum pleasure from intimacy.

Price Range Kohinoor Condoms: Rs.30 onwards

Top Female Condoms Brands

If you believed only men use condoms, it is high time to rid yourself of the myth.

Advances in birth control technologies and the urgent need to protect women against the scourge of HIV infections has also led scientists to develop condoms for females.

Women that enjoy casual sex, commercial sex workers, those desirous of avoiding unwanted pregnancies, protect themselves against HIV and STD and whose male partners are unwilling to use one, can also use these new generation condoms.

Thankfully, female condoms are now available in India too, albeit with limited choices.

9. Cupid (by Cupid Ltd)

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Cupid female condom consists of a thin, soft and loose-fitting sheath made from natural rubber latex and has to be worn at the orifice of the female reproductive system.

It consists of a flexible octagonal ring at the open end and donut shaped soft polyurethane foam at the closed end.

The polyurethane foam at the closed end of the sheath is used to insert the condom and hold it during intercourse, say the manufacturers.

These condoms are fortified with lubricating jelly to give the partner a natural feel during intimacy.

They are very thin and hence, impart a very natural feeling during an intercourse. They come in various floral scents.

Cupid female condoms are available in upmarket pharmacies and can be ordered online.

Price Range of Cupid Condoms: Rs.145 onwards

10. Velvet (by HLL Healthcare Ltd)

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Velvet female condom is made of fine natural latex rubber. They are fortified with lube gel and contraceptive drugs for added protection. Velvet female condoms are easy to use.

They consist of a natural rubber latex sheath that can be worn easily, thanks to the metal rim at the open side and a circular receptacle at the closed end.

These condoms also give a natural feel during intercourse. Being fortified with lube and contraceptive jelly, they destroy human sperm on contact, thereby eliminating risks of unwanted pregnancies.

They also provide high level protection against HIV and STD infections. Velvet female condoms come in easily concealable packs.

They are part of women initiated contraception methods that are fairly new in India. Velvet female condoms can be bought in better pharmacies and ordered online if you prefer discretion.

Price Range of Velvet Condoms: Rs.160 onwards

Special Mention

11. Playgard (by Alkem Healthcare)

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Another best condom which is made available in India and needs special mention is provided by Playgard.

Playgard condoms are made by the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, Alkem Healthcare Ltd. These are very unique condoms.

They contain benzocaine is a local anaesthetic agent. Benzocaine has a desensitizing effect on a male organ.

This helps to prolong the duration of the intercourse. It is ideal for men that suffer from problems such as premature ejaculation.

Playgard is made up of natural latex and 100 percent electronically tasted as per safety standards, say its manufacturers.

Price Range: Rs.150 onwards

India’s Condom Market

India’s condom market was very small in the initial stages and till the mid-1990s. However, the market is rapidly expanding at a rate of eight percent per annum according to various industry sources.

Projections indicate India’s condom market will cross the US$180 million per annum mark by the year 2022.

This is due to efforts taken by the Indian government and Non-Government Organizations to highlight the use of condoms as an effective method to prevent HIV and STD infections.

Despite these efforts fetching fruits, millions of Indian women and men frown at condoms due to superstitions and archaic beliefs.

Getting More with Condoms

As taboos over carnal relations in India continue to vanish, several products are now available in the market that helps you get the most from using a condom.

These are specially designed for women who are averse to men using condoms, fearing they may not get the desired pleasure.

Here we list one such product that can be used when your male partner wears a condom.

Durex Play Gel (by Reckitt Benckiser India Ltd

Durex Play Gel comes in various variants for women that want added pleasure from carnal intimacy.

  • Durex Play Tingling for intense sensation
  • Durex Play Cheeky Cheery for masking vaginal odour
  • Durex Play Warming Gel that gives a warm sensation upon contact during an intercourse.
  • Durex Play Aloe Vera for women suffering from excessive vaginal dryness and who can suffer abrasions from condoms during intercourse.
  • Durex Play Saucy Strawberry matches well with condoms of the same fruity flavour. Strawberry flavoured condoms are very popular in India, particularly for their reddish colour.
  • Durex Real Feel Silicone: Useful when you do not want to feel a condom. It helps amplify you pleasure during intercourse.
  • Durex Play Massage 2-in-1: Which imparts a feeling of massage inside-out during an intercourse and gives that unique pleasure to women and men.

Price Range:  Rs.450 onwards

KamaSutra Personal Lubricant (by JK Ansell Ltd) Rs.400 onwards

KamaSutra brand of condoms also has a couple of lubricants for women.

  • KS Aloe and Vitamin E Personal Lubricant: Helps relieve excessive vaginal dryness and abrasions or vaginal injury caused by condom worn by a male partner.
  • KS Strawberry and Vitamin E Personal Lubricant: For women that experience moderate vaginal dryness and want to protect themselves from condom-related injuries during an intercourse.

Price Range:  Rs.400 onwards

Moods Natural (by HLL Lifecare Ltd)

You can protect self or partner against any condom-related injuries by using these excellent lubes from Moods brand.

  • Moods Natural: This lube helps women and men to experience a natural-like sensation despite wearing a condom. It is extra lubricating and excellent for women allergic to rubber latex and synthetic material used in condoms.
  • Moods Cool: For that cool feeling that adds added thrill to your intimate moments. This is a unique product and helps remove vaginal dryness to soothe sensitive areas during intercourse.
  • Moods Warm: This lube reduces irritation caused by condoms and increases pleasure.  Ideal for women that want to eliminate allergies caused by condoms.

If your male partner is using condom, it is better you use a good lube. This is because vaginal dryness sometimes strikes without warning and on days when you may be tired.

They also help prevent reproductive tract infections and urinary tract infections. Remember, condoms are made of latex rubber or synthetic material.

Sometimes, condoms can injure highly sensitive parts of the female reproductive system, causing severe pain and colossal medical bills.

Nowadays, most lubes also contain contraceptive gel.

Hence, you get added protection against accidental condom rupture. The contraceptive gel destroys human sperm on contact and hence, chances of unwanted pregnancy are reduced.

Price Range:  Rs.275 onwards

To Sum Up

While condoms are available in India since 1940s, there is a general reluctance among most Indian males and females to use these cost-effective birth control and HIV/STD prevention devices.

The common belief is, that condoms reduce pleasure during intercourse by forming a barrier.

While this may be true to some extent, one must also bear in mind hazards posed by not using some of these best condom brands in India such as the high risk of HIV, STD and unwanted pregnancies.

If you are among such women and men, try those excellent lube gels we mention and condoms.

They help increase pleasure while protecting your health and lowering the risk of getting pregnant at the wrong time or when not desired.

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