Sell and Buy Used Cars From Top 30 Websites

Planning to buy, sell or trade-in your car? Then I must tell you a bit about my own experience some years ago.

Thankfully, you don’t have to undergo these hassles anymore. Because there’re several trusted and reliable used car dealers online. Try any of those to sell and buy used cars.

But first, my experience.

My Experience in Buying First Vehicle

In 1990s, owning a car was quite prestigious in India. And the selection of cars one could buy was fairly limited. That’s because most automobile companies weren’t operating in this country and the Internet had yet to arrive here.

So when I decided to buy a car in 1992, there were three choices: to visit one of these rickety used car showrooms, look for classifieds on newspapers or ask friends.

I can never forget the efforts that went into buying my first vehicle in life- a used SUV from a friend who was leaving India for good. Nor can anything replace the thrill of owning that first automobile.

The Used Cars Buy & Sell Scenario Now

About 25 years later, a lot of this has changed. Nowadays, you can go online to sell and buy used cars from the comfort of home, office or almost any location with a computer or smartphone.

What’s more, you can also buy used cars with vehicle finance from banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). In fact, most websites that trade in used cars have agreements with your bank and others to get that car loan, as it’s known.

And if you want to sell a car, there’s no need to repair it or take it for expensive facelifts, drive around the town looking for the best used car dealer or advertise on a newspaper.

Nor do you need to worry about attracting customers and whether they’ll pay because banks and NBFCs pay your money.

Top 28 Websites to Sell & Buy Used Cars

Obviously, this will bring us to the question, which are the best websites to sell and buy used cars. There’re quite a lot actually. However, I will present a curated list of top 28 websites in India where you can buy, sell or even trade-in your car without much hassles.

Broadly speaking, there’re three kinds of websites where you can buy, sell or trade in a new car. They include:

Free classifieds websites: There’re countless of these but I will list only a few of them. Use these free classifieds websites only if you’re willing to take all the hassles such as displaying your car, allowing it for test drives, bargaining over the price and more.

Privately owned used car websites: Dozens of these have come up in India over the years. Some of them charge commissions from buyers and sellers while others make money on services they provide.

Company owned used car websites: They are owned by leading automakers from India and abroad. I rank them as the best and most reliable.

Top Classifieds Websites to Sell and Buy Second Hand Cars

The best places to sell or buy used cars and other vehicles are the top classifieds websites. While some of them are absolutely free. 

This means, you can list your car at no additional cost in the free classifieds section. Or you can pay a little to boost your car for sale or car wanted ad. However, you have to exert all efforts to sell or buy used cars.

This can include allowing potential clients to test drive your car, visiting their premises to buy used cars, arranging for finance with own resources and more. So, without wasting any time lets check out the list of best classified websites to buy used cars.

1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook may sound the most unlikely place to sell or buy used cars. However, the Facebook Marketplace feature allows you to do exactly that.

In fact, Facebook Marketplace has become the top place for car companies, dealerships and used car agencies in the US to get customers. An advantage with Facebook Marketplace is that it allows you to target local clients free.

This means, you can buy or sell a car within your locality.

There’re over 336 million Facebook users in India. Thousands of them would live in your locality. To sell a car on Facebook Marketplace, take excellent pictures and write superb description that attracts buyers.

And if you’re a buyer, look at posts in your locality for the type of car you wish to buy. In fact, you can find some amazing deals there as well.

2., one of the largest marketplaces for pre-owned stuff has Cash My Car services if you wish to sell car online. Just fill a form and submit online. A representative from will contact you for an appointment.

You can accept the evaluation and sell the car instantly for the amount of money that a channel partner for offers.

Buyers can browse through countless classifieds on and select the car they wish to buy. Here you will find both individual sellers and car dealerships making some of the best offers.

However, selling and buying cars through isn’t completely hassle free as you would have to complete quite a few processes on your own.

3. lists thousands of cars of all makes for every budget on its website. You can post a free or paid classifieds if you wish to sell your car.

Download the app and take superb pictures of your vehicle, write fantastic description and upload. The classifieds displays on website and app within a few minutes only.

You can also pay a small amount to boost the classifieds ad and attract more attention from buyers. 

And if you want to buy used car, browse their thousands of used car listings. The process such as selecting the car, agreeing the price and mode of payment, transfer of ownership and other formalities are your and the seller’s responsibility.

Here too you’ll find lots of used car dealerships advertising their current offerings in your area.

Private Used Car Selling Sites

Thanks to rising proliferation of the Internet and a startup culture that’s gaining ground in this country, there’re several privately owned used car websites that’re available.

While some operate through used car dealerships, others serve only as a platform to advertise your car till it finds a buyer. Also, some charge commissions or make money in different ways.

Established as startup venture in 2008, claims that it sells one used or new car every four minutes.

The website ranks among the list of successful startups in India that’re attracting foreign capital. In fact, offers a very wide range of Indian and foreign-made automobiles.

You can also buy a new car from They have a ‘Compare Cars’ feature that helps you make an informed decision while buying a car.

Additionally,  Gaaadi Store also makes the car buying and selling process easier. They claim you can sell a car in about 70 minutes only.

They offer a variety of services such as vehicle maintenance, insurance, registration and other essentials from their website. You can submit an enquiry for buying or selling or even exchanging your car with this company.

It also operates through channel partners in various cities of India, that’ve showrooms just in case you wish to visit one. has been around since 2015. The company claims to be India’s largest “used car disruptor.”

Their website says, has a presence in over 93 cities of India with some 222 offline locations to make buying and selling vehicles easier.

This company is expanding its presence across India. is looking for channel partners to join its network of used car dealerships.

They also offer franchise opportunities at various locations across India.

Launched in 2005, has several accolades and awards to its credit as one of the best websites to buy used car in India. This company and website cater to the entire spectrum of car buyers and sellers.

Meaning, you can find very economically priced cars at or go for one of the priciest ones in town. They have the full range of vehicles provided through a network of dealerships.

For car sellers, it’s possible to get an instant evaluation of your vehicle online. They have an online car evaluation calculator where you need to fill in relevant details to find how much money is your present car’s market value.

This is ideal for anyone that wants to sell a car in hurry or even buy a car because you can arrive at an estimated price. is an Indian startup that aggregates used car dealerships across the country.

It was started in 2009 and has captured a considerable slice of the used car market in India.

It also has several foreign investors, which clearly indicates the success of its business model.

You can buy or sell or exchange any car at within a matter of minutes. You have the choice of selling your car online by submitting a form, getting the vehicle curated and receiving the quote.

Or you can visit any of the dealerships and sell it offline too. They have so far certified nearly 250,000 cars for sale.

Droom claims to hold an 80 percent share of online transactions in the used car market of India. also claims that it has built an entire eco-system for used cars for the digital economy.

They include Orange Book Value (used vehicle pricing engine), Eco (1,000+ points vehicle inspection), History (history records for used vehicles), Discovery (dozens of pre-buying research tools) and Credit (India’s first and only marketplace for used auto loan and dealer financing). provides services to individual buyers and sellers, dealers and large enterprise for the entire life cycle management and all automobile ancillary services. also operates four marketplace formats-B2C, C2C, C2B and B2B, and three pricing formats – Fixed Price, Best Offer and Auction. Droom is a Singapore Holding Company with subsidiaries in India and the United States. is yet another offering from Both these businesses function alongside one-another. however lists other kinds of vehicles too such as motorcycles, auto-rickshaws and small commercial automobiles along with cars.

They have an online form that allows you to have your used car assessed for the present market price. You can ask for a higher price too, if you don’t accept that evaluation.

However, you’ll have to await customers because will not define the price. Instead, it will only display your listing for a small fee., an Indian startup that deals in used automobiles believes that both the buying and selling experience should be enjoyable and simple.

Hence, they offer very simple ways to own a used car or sell your present one. Visit their website to find out more about the new way by which works to help you buy, sell or exchange your used car.

Actually, makes its presence felt because the company doesn’t sell cars that’re more than 10 years old.

Hence, you can sell or buy used cars that are made in 2010 and later only.

Furthermore, is also very particular about the roadworthiness and overall condition of the car they’ll deal with.

Hence, they don’t accept any car that’s driven for over 70,000km. Their quality inspectors and technicians also inspect every car carefully for wear and tear, physical, mechanical and electrical functions and conduct repairs if necessary using original spares only. is a website to sell and buy used cars if you’re want a superb vehicle at affordable price. is operated since 2012 in India by the eponymous Ukraine-based company.

The company now also operates in other countries in Asia and elsewhere. offers easy selling and buying of used cars.

They also list some of the older Indian cars for sale, including the ubiquitous Ambassador and Premier variants.

And of course, they also list budget to exclusive Indian and foreign cars on their website.

To buy a car from, simply check their current inventory and prices. They also offer an Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) calculator if you’re planning to avail vehicle finance for a used car.

You can sell your used car by submitting their request form online. They have a very sophisticated search for buying used cars. You can select a car depending on its make, year of manufacture, price and other parameters.

The above are top 20 websites in India to sell and buy used cars. You can browse through their listings if you’re a buyer. Or request quotes online for your used car if you’re a seller.

At the same time, beware of various scams that’re now affecting the online car sale and purchase market in India. is now owned by Earlier, was a part of the Times Internet Group and focused on car reviews and market trends only.

Following its acquisition by GirnarSoft, the parent company of, the popular website is now offering the full range to sell and buy used cars marketplace services.

In fact, continues to remain popular among a dedicated segment of car aficionados in India.

One of the most popular features of is their Autogasm blog.

In fact, Autogasm is one of the most visited motoring and automobile related blogs in India that has a huge following abroad too.

They also provide excellent tips on selling and to buy used cars, automobile maintenance and other related topics.

Carandbike is a complete online portal for new and used automobile trade including cars, bikes and commercial vehicles.

The company is owned by Fifth Gear Ventures Ltd, which has attracted significant investments from top Indian NBFC, Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd.

They also have a news section where you can read about the latest launches and stay abreast with the local and foreign auto industry.

They have a very clear and swift assessment system for trade-in or to buy used cars. Additionally, you can also buy a spanking new car from this company and avail loans from Mahindra First Choice.

They provide used and new vehicle solutions for companies, fleet owners as well as individual owners.

Hence, you might also find some company owned cars on their list of used cars for sale.

The newest entrant in the pre-owned car marketplace is The company started in 2018 and began functioning fully only by 2019.

However, it has gained a very significant size of the used car market within just over a year of operating. simplifies the car buying and selling process for customers.

Check their terms and conditions to know how simple it is to sell a car or buy one from

First time car buyers can also get a host of special offers such as rebates on vehicle insurance and extended warranty, among others.

If you’re planning on buying a car or any automobile with vehicle finance, check the monthly EMI you’ll pay online using their simple calculator. The company also arranges automobile loans for customers, where necessary. is a used car marketplace with a difference. It began as a news website, giving information about latest launches in the Indian and global car markets, news about various automakers, press releases and reviews of car.

In recent years, they’ve emerged as one of the topmost marketplaces for pre-owned cars, receiving over 2.3 million users to its website every month.

This startup venture is based in Gurugram but caters to clients across India. connects buyers and sellers of all kinds of cars and other automobiles.

You can send an online enquiry for buying or selling your car. Usually, responds within an hour of your submitting an online query. They also have facilities to provide vehicle finance, insurance and other requirements.

With prices of used cars going as high as Rs.10 million, is definitely not any ordinary dealership, It is one of the best website to second hand luxury cars.

Instead, they deal in over 30 topnotch foreign makes of luxury cars, vintage and exotic cars that you’ll rarely see elsewhere.

Whether you’re looking for that exquisite Aston Martin or Maserati, Maybach or Hummer, you’ll definitely find these and many more on

You can also sell an exclusive car from any topmost automaker in the world at Send their online enquiry form. A team of experts from the company will curate your luxury car and make the best offer.

This company specializes only in exclusive cars and hence has a smaller clientele compared over ordinary used car dealerships.

If you’re looking at buying or selling an used premium car, check

They have an extensive collection of foreign luxury cars from automakers including Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover, among others.

Established in 2012, the company specializes in buying and selling high-end cars only. To sell a luxury car, send them a completed enquiry form online.

You can browse their collection of cars if you’re a buyer. also operates five exclusive car showrooms in northern India.

Company Owned Used Car Websites

As the term suggests, these websites are owned and operated by automakers. Some of the largest automobile manufacturers operating in India either with own subsidiaries of in collaboration with Indian partners. 

These companies are aware of the huge demand for excellent quality pre-owned cars in India. Hence, they buy cars of all makes and sell them after necessary refurbishing and repairs.

Company owned used car websites are your best bet to buy, sell or exchange a vehicle.  That’s because they offer free service, warranties, arrange finance and a wide range of other facilities that’re almost the same like buying a new car.

Selling your car through them is also effortless.

Who hasn’t heard about BMW, the top automaker from Germany which is famous worldwide? Owning a BMW is prestigious indeed.

But buying a swanky new one can cost a small fortune. If you really wish to own a BMW or want to sell one quickly, try It’s the official website of BMW India. Here you can buy, sell or exchange a used BMW.

At the same time, It also buys and sells cars from other companies.

On select cars, they provide 12-month warranty. Each used car you buy from this website is thoroughly checked and certified by BMW’s technicians before it enters the market.

Hence, you’re assured of BMW quality even if you buy car from another make from this website. So if you are planning to buy a second hand luxury cars then this is the website you should check in. doesn’t buy used cars expect from the Mercedes-Benz range. Each used car is carefully curated by the company’s technicians to offer the best price to the seller.

Buyers enjoy the luxury of viewing all available pre-owned Mercedes-Benz cars in India from home, depending upon their location. They can complete the entire transaction online.

And if you prefer the luxury car that’s used by VIPs, top businesspersons, diplomats, cine-stars and other prominent people, look for a Mercedes-Benz.

In fact, you can get superb rates on pre-owned Mercedes-Benz cars and vehicles from their official online store. They also sell other Mercedes-Benz brand collectibles and accessories.

Do you love German cars? Try Das Welt Auto, the official used car website of Volkswagen, one of the most reputed and affordable cars from Germany. functions in a unique way.

You can sell your current used car of any make for cash or trade it in for a Volkswagen. You don’t need to have someone evaluate your car physically.

Volkswagen provides its online digital assessment and the anticipated market price almost instantly. In fact, Das Welt Auto has a global presence.

If you live in a city where Volkswagen has a showroom, you can drive a used car to any of the Das Welt Auto outlets there for assessment of your car value, selling, exchange or buying.

Das Welt Auto sells cars of all makes. All cars sold by Das Welt Auto are Volkswagen certified and come with warranties and other freebies.

Look for their Volkswagen Beetle collection that’s famous worldwide because you could find one of these fabulous cars at very attractive price.

Nissan Intelligent Choice

Nissan Intelligent Choice ranks among the best and topmost websites to buy, sell or trade-in a car online.

As the name suggests, this amazing web portal for used car trade comes from none other than Japan’s automaker Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.  You can buy used cars from any make that’re certified by none other than Nissan.

This website entered the Indian used car market as recently as 2017. You can buy, sell or trade-in vehicles from any make through Nissan Intelligent Choice.

It’s also possible to reserve or buy used car. Nissan Finance lends money to buy the used car, so the buyer and seller can benefit.

Tata Motors Assured

India’s largest manufacturer of cars and other vehicles, Tata Motors, also runs a superb website where you can buy, sell or exchange used cars. You don’t need to drive your car to the nearest Tata Motors Assured showroom to avail the facility.

For example, if you’re selling a car, simply fill out and submit their online form. A company representative calls you to inspect the vehicle.

And if you wish to buy or trade-in your car for any other make, it’s possible to do so online too.

Furthermore, Tata Motors Assured sells only fully certified pre-owned cars that come with warranties and have been serviced by the company’s technicians. They also arrange car loans through India’s leading NBFC, Tata Finance Ltd.

True Value

True Value comes from none other than Maruti Suzuki, the company that produces some of the best vehicles in India. The True Value portal makes it easy for you to sell or buy used car from any make.

Additionally, True Value has more than 1,250 showrooms across India. You can drop your used car and pick up a new one from there too, which makes the transaction almost hassle free.

To sell your used car on True Value, complete and submit an online form. However, the best way to buy, sell or trade-in a pre-owned car on True Value is through their mobile app.

It allows you to view cars of your choice while buying, enable easy upload of car pictures and details if you’re selling and provides the best deals if you’re looking for a trade-in or exchange.

They have the digital car assessment facility and also arrange vehicle finance.

Toyota U Trust

Toyota U Trust comes from none other than the multinational and legendary car maker from Japan, Toyota Motor Corporation and its Indian joint venture Toyota-Kirloskar Motors.

Toyota U Trust has been around since 2007.  True to the brand, it is one of the most reliable and trustworthy place online to buy, sell or exchange a pre-owned car. They accept all makes of used cars.

Toyota U Trust offers up to two years warranty and three free services with its range of used cars. To sell or buy used cars, you can fill up and submit their online form.

Additionally, you can also avail a pre-arranged loan from Toyota Finance to buy used car from Toyota U Trust.  They have a very extensive range of pre-owned vehicles for all budgets and tastes.

Mahindra First Choice

Mahindra First Choice is a top notch website where you can buy, sell and exchange cars of almost every brand. This is a very popular website for discerning buyers and sellers of used cars because it comes from India’s leading industrial group and automaker, Mahindra & Mahindra.

They offer the full range of services to offer you a seamless experience. Additionally, Mahindra First Choice also arranges vehicle finance through one of the leading NBFCs, Mahindra Finance, which is also operated by the parent group.

This website operates in two ways. You can sell and buy used cars online using the company’s services such as assessment, quotes, online loan application and transfer of ownership facilities. And you can also buy, sell or trade-in a car at any of their 1,700 showrooms across India.

Mahindra & Mahindra provides a warranty on each used car you buy with other freebies such as services and emergency assistance, among others.


H-Promise is a wonderful website for buying, selling and trading old cars. This portal comes from leading automobile company Hyundai Motor Co of South Korea. This is a very user friendly website for any beginner that wants to trade-in or buy used car.

All you need to do is fill out and submit an online form to Hyundai Motors India through their used car website. At this point, you can also choose to exchange your current car for another one. They accept all makes of cars.

And if you’re interested to buy a car, search their extensive database. You can check whether a particular model is available within your locality. That’s because H-Promise also has a strong offline presence with over 1,500 showrooms across India.

You can pre-book a used car and collect it or have it delivered to your place, after completing the due formalities. They also arrange vehicle finance for your purchase.

Honda Auto Terrace

Japanese automaker, Honda offers Honda Auto Terrace, a one-stop shop for selling and buying used cars of any make. You can also exchange your present car for a new one. Honda Auto Terrace buys cars from all makes.

They also sell cars from various automakers, though the primary focus is on the Honda range.

All cars, regardless of the make, sold by Honda Auto Terrace come with Honda warranty, free service and other freebies. All their pre-owned cars are certified by Honda.

This means, they’ve been refurbished with the latest spares and brought to topmost condition by Honda’s own technicians.

Ford Assured

Every car of any make that you buy or sell with Ford Assured crosses 169 different technical and engineering as well as physical checkpoints.

This ensures that you get a pre-owned car that could be made by any automaker but conforms with quality standards of the American motor giant, Ford. Their website, Ford Assured enables you to buy, sell and exchange used cars.

To buy a car from Ford Assured, simply visit their website and click on the appropriate link. You can pre-book a used car and collect it from the nearest showroom. Or you can request a quote if you’re selling a car.

You can also evaluate a car online and look for exchanges or sale. In any case, you get the same quality of superb service that you’ll expect from Ford worldwide.

Online Car Buy-Sell Scams

There’re quite a few online scams that affect buying and selling or trading in used cars. Therefore, beware of whom you’re buying or selling a car.

Instead of getting a good bargain or higher price, you could lose the vehicle and land in legal wrangles.

There’ve been several instances such as sellers asking potential customers to deposit a small amount of money to book the car.

Generally, these scammers make offers that’re too good to be true. And cheat the buyer by fleeing with the money. You can read a lot about how to prevent being scammed while buying and selling a car online.

These used car trade scams aren’t peculiar to India. In fact, they are common worldwide.

Hence you need to be careful and you must have a car insurance. Never give out your personal banking and debit card or credit card details. Deal with reputed companies only to avoid falling victim to such scams.

Wrap Up

The used car market in India ranks among the larger ones in the world. In 2019, the pre-owned car market of India was worth $24.24 billion. Projections indicate it will grow at a pace of 12.15 percent per year till 2025.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic that struck the world in 2020 could hinder this growth. Regardless, we can expect several new car trade portals in India to open up in coming years as the pandemic and its economic impact wanes. 

There’s enough scope for existing players to consolidate business and newer players with innovative service offerings to emerge in the Indian market.

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