Top 10 Content Writing Courses Online

Every market, institute, or organization needs its own set of content writers. This is why there are a lot of jobs and opportunities for those who can write.

But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. While it is easy to find jobs to apply for, getting the job and keeping it consistent is not as easy. It sounds like writers are required to do nothing but reproduce the thoughts in their mind but it is not as simple as it sounds.

It requires training, dedication and excellent research skill to become a successful content writer. There are various institutes which offer courses for content writing.  

Top 10 Content Writing Courses in India

1. Henry Harvin:

They have combined all the aspects to content writing in this one course. You do have to go around looking for other courses for learning the tools required to write engaging content.

They provide personal attention to each student. But they don’t do it by hand holding, they make you capable enough to write quality content yourself. They also teach you how to use the different tools required to write content in the content writing courses

For writing any type of content, you must be able to write with correct grammar for the readers to read and believe in your content. 

One of the most necessary parts of content writing is the practical experience you have because all the theory is of no use until you put it to your writing. That is only when you have doubts and also understand better. They give you a number of projects and assignments along with a year long membership in the content writing team. 

The teachers provide guidance post-completion of the course also and tell how to produce quality content.  

2. Vskills:

It has a good quality training programme with experienced faculty. They cater to each and every need of the students and put the writing ability in full bloom.

Once you enrol in it you don’t have to face any trouble when you are required to write content of any kind. The course is comprehensive and enjoyable. They are also certified by the government which makes it easier to get jobs on taking this course. 

3. Skillshare:

They provide a bundle of courses each of which is unique and beneficial in its own way. You can choose one or multiple courses depending on your motive.

Different courses teach you to write and produce different types of content. This includes, articles, blogs, ebooks, digital infographics etc. It is necessary to have a knowledge of every type of writing because any company can ask you for these. It also makes you a better person for a job you apply for. 

4. Udemy:

This is a popular platform with courses for every skill there is. Given the requirements for content writers across the globe, the obviously have courses dedicated to it. They do not have just one or two courses but a myriad, designed for every type.

If one course is for marketing, another is for those who want to write fiction, one course is for blogging and another is on journal writing, and so on.  They also provide assistance for interviews.  

5. Inventateq:

It teaches you to write content for different kinds of organization. But what makes it different from the other courses is that it also tells about the basics of using the different tools which are needed to write good quality content and ensure the quality such as, wordpress, plagiarism checker, grammarly, word counter etc.

You also get internships when you complete the course, the projects you do while learning also teach how to excel in your writing. 

6. DMTI:

This course is suitable for both newcomers and professionals because of its curriculum. It has something for every writer. Along with content writing it also teaches content marketing. This is a skill many companies desire.

The trainer also has her blog page with resources and free ebooks for content writers. It is not purely based on content writing but learning different skills which could be required in your company is also beneficial. 

7. Masterclass:

A course by Margaret Atwood herself, this is especially for people who want to learn creative writing. She tells you how is a novel written and what are the things you have to remember before you decide to write a story of your own. 

They also have courses for writing other genres of fiction by different authors who are popular and teach in their own style. 

8. Thoughtful minds:

It is mainly for content marketing and SEO content optimization. It has virtual classes via Skype or Google Hangouts for 45 minutes, 6 days a week, for 45 days. You can attend either morning or afternoon or even evening classes.

Along with teaching content writing for companies, it also helps the students understand what is important to pursue content writing as a freelancer. It is also eco-friendly in the things it uses and donates parts of the fees to NGO. 

9. Online Idea Lab:

Content writing is one of the many courses provided by this institute which has specialized teachers for every course. They offer courses which include content writing foundation course, advanced content writing course, copywriting course, creative writing course and technical writing course. 

10. ECT:

An important thing about this course is that it is recognized as a start-up by the government of India. It gives two certificates and guarantees 100% placement. They have teachers who are qualified and can teach in institutes. It is easily accessible virtually and provides. 


While there are a number of courses as mentioned here, but if you want one course which is all in one, you should definitely try Henry Harvin. It’s certifications are also globally valid. Even otherwise you have options each of which has it’s own benefits  Udemy has a wide range of courses for different content writing opportunities. 

But you can decide only when you have a look at the curriculum and find out the benefits of taking each course. 

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