Top Waste Management Companies in India


In India there are a lot of good waste management companies. They keep operating without our any knowledge. Therefore I wrote this article to help people about their understanding of waste management companies in India.

How these companies are able to help the country and its cities to manage waste of all kinds very effectively. India produces tons of waste everyday and you need a proper to decompose and turn it into something useful by-product.

It helps to keep our environment very clean and green also. Hence, we collected a list of some of the best waste management companies in India

Some of them are here:-

1. EcoWise

EcoWise ISO certified Indian waste management company. It was founded five years and offers round the clock services. Ecowise is based in Noida, UP and each day they manage to dispose of at least 10 tons of plastic.

The company has number of clients in the country and overseas. Some of them arewaste management companies

  • Center Stage Mall Noida: Commercial
  • Haldiram: Industrial
  • ATS (Residential)
  • Eldeco (Residential)
  • Sony India Pvt.Ltd.(Industrial)
  • Kandriya Vihar (Residential)
  • BEHL, sector-17(Residential)
  • Guthy Renker Marketing Pvt. Ltd. USA
    • Website:

2. Antony Waste Handling Cell Private Limited

Antony Waste Handling Cell Private Limited is a Mumbai based Indian waste management company.

AWHCPL was founded in the year 2001 and the various services offered by the company are following

  • Mechanized Primary Collection of MSW
  • Mechanized Road Sweeping
  • Transportation of MSW using hi-Tech fleet
  • Engineered Sanitary Landfills
  • Waste Processing
  • Mechanized Refuse Transfer Station
  • Municipal Solid Waste Infrastructure

Some of the other wings of the company are

  • AG Enviro Infra Projects Private Limited
  • Mazaya Waste Management (MWM)
  • KL Envitech Private Limited
  • Antony LARA Enviro Solution Pvt Ltd


3. Synergy Waste Management Private Ltd

Synergy Waste Management Private Ltd was established in 2006. The company offer solutions like

  • Collection of Garbage
  • Transportation
  • Treatment and Disposal of Bio Medical Waste from Various DHS Hospital
  • Private Hospitals
  • Nursing Home
  • Diagnostics Centers
  • Laboratories
  • Blood Banks
  • Colleges etc

Collection, transportation, Unloading, Disinfection, treatment, ETP, Landfills, Recycling etc

Treatment Capacities of 300 Kg/Hr, Shredder of 300 Kg/Hr

And the plants around the country like Hisar, Haryana, Meerut UP, Lucknow, UP, etc


4. VermiGold Ecotech Private Ltd

Vermigold Ecotech Pvt Ltd is a Mumbai based company. Some of the services given by the company are

  • Waste Management System
  • Right Criteria
  • Science Behind the System
  • International Recognition
  • Waste Audit Consultancy etc

The company caters to

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Hotels
  • Educational Institutes
  • IT Parks

Some of the major clients of the company are

  • National Stock Exchange
  • Hindustan Unilever
  • SESA Goa Limited
  • ONGC Ltd
  • Palais Royale
  • Shree Ram
  • Reliance
  • Wipro
  • Marriot


5. Hanjer Biotech Energies

Hanjet Biotech Energies is turning solid waste into fuel to run power plants. The company was founded by Irfan Furniturewala.

The revenue of the company is more than Rs 410 Crore.


6. Arora Fibres

Arora Fibres recycles plastic bottles into polyester used as packaging material. Arora fibres was founded by Rupinder Singh Arora and he is the current chairman of the company also.

The company started its operation in 1994 and they were pioneers in this area. The revenue of the company is around Rs 34 Crore.


7. VA Tech Wabag

VA Tech Wabag is a water treatment company founded by Amit Sengupta.

The revenue of the company is around Rs 1000 Crore in India alone. The company is about to grow with more clients on their side.


So these were few of the waste management companies in India. For careers and other information you could visit the website of the company and find out more information.



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