Top 10 Educational Websites and Apps in India

Education is not just what you learn in your school and college. It is also what you learn from the people around you and the internet. At present, Internet has become such an important resource for learning almost everything. Educational Websites and apps are doing a great job by providing a platform to anyone who … Read more

Top 10 ACCA Coaching Centres in Kerala

ACCA, which is the acronym for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, is a global professional accounting organization offering a qualification in the stream of Chartered Certified Accountancy. This organization is international and the qualification is much sought-after worldwide.  This organization has over 2 lakh members spread in over 180 different countries. The application for … Read more

Top 10 Internship Websites in India

Imagine this scenario. You’ve just completed school, college or some vocational course. And you’re looking at acquiring skills necessary for your chosen profession. What would you do? When I was in a similar situation some years ago, I chose the internship. Why Internship? An internship provides opportunities to put your skills to practice and fine-tune … Read more

GMAT Procedure and Top MBA Colleges Accepting GMAT in India

Are you Looking for MBA colleges accepting GMAT in India? go no further… we’ve listed down top MBA colleges which accept GMAT in India. As you may know… Masters in business administration is one of the most popular degree programs in India as well as abroad. Students from India travel to foreign countries for an … Read more

The Scope of B. Tech with Specialization in AI & Machine Learning

Terminator, Ex Machina, The Matrix, Blade Runner, Wall-E, I Robot, and 2001: A Space Odyssey – all these movies had something in common. The central theme of these movies was artificial intelligence. When these movies came out, they showed us a world that was futuristic and right out of the imagination. Inspired by movies or … Read more

Top 10 Autonomous Engineering Colleges in India

If you want to be an Engineer then you might be interested to know the best engineering colleges in India.   Do you know it is better to complete engineering from any of the autonomous institutes in India rather than any general engineering college? Why because there is a surety of getting a job after completing … Read more

Top 10 Best Book Publishing Companies in India

Young and budding authors do need a publishing company to publish their new books. If you are a first time author or planning to write a book then you need to know a publishing company that not only publishes it but also pays for your book sale. Usually, it is very difficult for young authors … Read more