Top 10 Fitness Apps For Android Smartphones in India

Look at yourself in the mirror. Unless you exercise regularly at a gym or have a personal home fitness program, chances are… you will have a pot belly, sagging buttocks or flabby muscles.

But there is nothing to worry about. Maintain your body ship-shape with these excellentfitness apps downloadable on your mobile.

Fitness Apps?

Yes… Fitness Apps.

Staying fit has never been easier than NOW.

In fact, staying fit does not mean you engage in heavy exercises or marathon runs, fervent bicycling or any other frenzied activity. Your routine work is sufficient to keep you fit.

There are two major parameters of physical fitness too:

Diet we consume and calories we burn daily.

If you do not have time to exercise at a gym or indulge in home fitness programs, here are some fitness apps for Android smartphones that will definitely help you to stay fit.

Best Fitness Apps for android Smartphones

Top 10 Fitness Apps For Android Smartphones in India

Nike Training Club

Workouts anytime, anywhere- this is what Nike Training Club offers you for FREE.

And you guess is right: this excellent app comes from Nike, a globally famous brand of sports and fitness equipment.

NTC features over 185 free workouts from strength and endurance to mobility and Yoga.

And, all these free lessons are given by world-class Nike Master Trainers. What more can you ask for free? Download This Best fitness app Now and Strat working out.


Sworkit claims over 25 million people use it for staying fit and has given them over 50 million fitness lessons.

Sounds good.You can use their six week fitness program that comes in three modules: Leaner, Fitter or Stronger.

Have any questions or doubts? No problems. Sworkit has a full army of female and male fitness trainers who will provide the right answers.

Sworkit follows fitness safety and standards set by the American College of Sports Medicine. It is a very popular fitness app amongst android users since it helps you to design customised workout plans.

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Home Workout

If you are looking for bodybuilding without spending on fitness equipment, check Home Workout.

This app rates at 4.8 out of five stars on Google ratings. Home Workout is very useful for body building and strength training and is the best fitness and bodybuilding app.

All you need is spare some of your time daily and take their lessons seriously.

For those of us that have accumulated the proverbial beerbelly, a wide range of fat burning exercises are also available from HomeWorkout. Their lessons come from veteran fitness trainers.

Google Fit

OK, so you just want to know how much calories you burn daily without heavy exercising. Then download Google Fit.

It provides exactly this info. Free to download and use, Google Fit is a favourite app among lazy bones including me.

It allows setting a daily target of how many steps you walk. Simply download Google Fit and carry the smartphone in your pocket.

It automatically calculates how many steps you walk on a given day and the calories that would burn during this simple activity.

Daily Workouts

For couples that want to get fitter, go for Daily Workouts. This app contains nearly 100 exercises for women and men.

Their fitness lessons range between five and 30 minutes. So you can simply select one that is best for the day’s schedule.

Internet connectivity is a problem or you want to save your data?

No problem. Exercises on Daily Workout can be accessed without connecting your mobile to the Internet.

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Fitness Girl

And for girls of all ages, this app is simply amazing. Fitness Girl contains exercises and lessons that can turn you from a fitness freak to an instructor.

Girls can get loads of tips and exercises free from this app. Some in-app games however need payment, but these are optional.

Plus, you can listen to great music as you exercise. Invite your friends and become a fitness instructor with this app.

Runtastic Running

Do you run to board buses and catch trains? Or run for fitness? Regardless of why you run- Runtastic Running is just the right app.

It keeps tabs on your daily runs. You can get voice coaching from fitness instructors as you run.

Runtastic Running also helps you get expert advice free on you running patterns.

Connecting with other runners around the world is easy: simply activate this feature on Runtastic Running and start networking.

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Another excellent app that helps you stay fit- almost effortlessly- is Pedometer.

It simply calculates how many steps you walk on a given day and calories it consumes. With Pedometer, you can set up a daily,weekly, monthly or even yearly target for walking.

Regardless whether you are pacing around at office or home, climbing steps or enjoying stroll with family and friends, Pedometer is active. It will count your steps and inform how much you walked.

Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club calls itself your perfect running partner. And it is.

This is a very professional app that will help you get the best out of running for fitness.

You can get guidance, motivation and inspiration directly through in-ear audio from Nike’scoaches as well as elite athletes like Mo Farah and entertainers such as KevinHart.

The workouts are designed to help runners improve strength, speed and endurance and have fun doing it, says Nike.

And that is not all.

You can network with amateur and professional runners around the world withNike+ Run Club.

Join the Nike global club of runners for challenges every week or month. Get personalized coaches to check and provide valuable inputs about your running.

Reward yourself for achievements by creating trophies and awards by setting goals for your running.

Puma Trac

So you want to spend on a personal trainer but cannot afford one. No issues. Simply download Puma Trac.

It shows up on your mobile phone screen like a fitness trainer. Coming from Puma, a world leader in sports and fitness gear, Puma Trac is everything you could wish.

It contains lessons from globally acclaimed fitness instructors along with illustrations and videos. Free to download and free to use.

More Fitness Apps?

Absolutely. You can download fitness apps to learn Yoga, find valuable advice on what to eat, how much fluids to drink daily and lots more.

They are all available free of cost on Google Play and App Store for IOS phones.

Some of these apps actually feature lessons and advice from experienced coaches and trainers. This means you get the best personal trainer without spending anything.

In Conclusion

Should you still beconsidering joining a gym or fitness club- do so by all means. Fitness apps can never really replace a brick-and-mortar gym or fitness instructors.

They are simply a means of staying fit regardless of where you are and the time.

As we have seen, you can exercise for as little as five minutes daily or indulge in some really heavy stuff using these best fitness apps.

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