Top 10 Most Trusted Tyre Companies in India in 2022

India has over 295 million registered vehicles, according to figures published by the government’s statistics portal.

India also ranks as the world’s fourth-largest market for passenger and commercial vehicles, research by various agencies indicates.

Consequently, the country is home to some 39 tyre manufacturers who operate about 60 plants, most of them based in northern India.

Like anywhere in the world, India has an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) market for tyres as well as replacements.

Types of Tyre Markets in India

Vehicles in India are classified into various categories. These include taxable and non-taxable vehicles.

Those exempt from taxes generally include vehicles used for agricultural purposes and certain types of passenger transport such as bicycles, buses of state-run schools.

However, every vehicle requires tyres. Hence, in India there exist three tyre markets.

1. OEM & Replacement: Consists of manufacture and sale of new tyres for assembly-line fitting on vehicles or replacing those worn out.

2. Unregulated: The unregulated tyre market of India is distinctly constituted of individuals and small companies that import new tyres, generally from cheaper markets including China and countries of Far East Asia for sale within the limited geographic area.

3. Used Tyres: Unfortunately, this is a thriving business in India. Individuals and junk dealers buy used tyres from various sources.

They include used tyres traded in for a discount while buying new ones, those taken off vehicles destroyed in accidents or sold as scrap as well as tyres from abandoned automobiles.

Despite these vagaries, India has very sophisticated tyre manufacturing companies. Here we look at leading tyre companies or manufacturers in India.

Top 10 Best Tyre Companies in India in 2022

In India, there are two types of tyre Manufactures: Indigenous of wholly Indian-owned ventures as well as tyre companies operating under Joint ventures and subsidiaries of major foreign manufacturers.

1. MRF Tyre Company

MRF Tyre Company- indias Popular  tyre company

MRF Tyre company is one of the most popular and manufacturer tyre companies in India.

Now a reputed tyre company in India and abroad, MRF Tyres opened in 1946 as a nondescript rubber balloon manufacturing unit from a small shack near Chennai, owned by KM Mammen Mappillai.

In the 1950s, the company began producing rubber and was named Madras Rubber Factory (MRF).

Shortly later, in the 1960s the company ventured into manufacturing tyres, in collaboration with an American firm, Ohio-based Mansfield Tire & Rubber Co.

Over the years, MRF Tyres have become a global tyre brand. MRF sponsors cricket, soccer and other sports events in various ways.

Several top Indian cricket players can be seen using an MRF-branded bat while soccer players abroad wear the company logo on their T-Shirt sleeves.

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2. CEAT Tyre Company

CEAT Tyre Company

Mumbai-based CEAT Tyres are the flagship company of the Rs 220 billion e RPG Enterprises.

It was established in 1958. “Today, CEAT is one of India’s leading tyre manufacturers and has a strong presence in global markets.

CEAT produces over 165 million tyres a year and offers the widest range of tyres to all segments and manufactures world-class radials for heavy-duty trucks and buses, light commercial vehicles, earthmovers, forklifts, tractors, trailers, cars, motorcycles and scooters as well as auto-rickshaws,’ says the company

3. Apollo Tyre Company

Apollo Tyre Company logo

Ranked as the world’s 17th largest tyre manufacturer, Apollo Tyres Ltd has several accolades to its credit.

“Great Place to Work Institute identified Apollo Tyres as one of India’s Best Workplaces in Manufacturing – 2018.

The company is ranked among the top 10 workplaces in the manufacturing segment in India.

Apollo Tyres has been rated highly for its transparency in the performance management process, especially the variable pay, and the employee development programs,” says a news release issued by the company.

With headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana, Apollo Tyres also has the distinction of being among the pioneers of India’s tyre manufacturing industry.

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5. JK Tyre Company

JK Tyre Company

JK Tyre rightly calls itself as the pioneer of radial technology in India. JK Tyre, the first company to launch radials for passenger cars in 1977.

“With vast experience and understanding of operating conditions in India, JK Tyre brings you the best technology for your cars and Sports Utility Vehicles.

JK Tyre’s wide range of tyres covers the entire spectrum of cars and SUVs available in the Indian market – from BMW, Mercedes and Audi to (Tata) Nano,” says the company website.

JK Tyres is also one of the oldest and most reputed tyre manufacturers of India. In addition to the local OEM and replacement markets, JK Tyre also exports its products.

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6. TVS SrichakraTyres

TVS Srichakra Tyres company logo

TVS Srichakra Ltd is another leading tyre manufacturer of India. The company is well reputed for its two-wheeler and three-wheeler tyres.

TVS Srichakra Tyres is part of TVS Auto Ancillary Group that has a turnover of US$ 6 billion. The company has two state-of-the-art manufacturing units at Madurai, Tamil Nadu and Rudrapur, Uttrakhand.

TVS Srichakra manufactures two and three-wheeler tyres, industrial pneumatic tyres, farm and implement tyres, skid steer tyres, multipurpose tyres and floatation tyres.

It supplies to all major automobile manufacturers in India and has significant exports too.

7. Continental Tyre Company

Continental-Caoutchouc- und Gutta-Percha Companies was founded in Hanover, Germany, on October 8, 1871, as a joint-stock company.

The company made soft rubber products, rubberized fabric, and solid rubber tyres for bicycles and horse-driven carriages.

In the 1960s, Continental partnered with Modi Rubber Ltd to launch Modi-Continental tyres for cars and commercial vehicles.

With the Indian government opening ownership of automobiles and ancillaries to foreign companies, Continental Corporation bought over shares held by Modi Rubber.

The company now makes Continental tyres in India for cars, buses, trucks, and various other applications.

8. Bridgestone: 

Bridgestone offers valuable tires at a fair price.

Started in 1996, Bridgestone is the largest tyre manufacturing company.

This company is known for the quality of services at fair prices.

Bridgestone is the biggest selling market in India, where it sells passenger cars and SUV tyres. Under the company’s commercial banner, it sells tyres for trucks and buses.

The company’s tires are well structured based on technology such as strain sensors. Stain sensor will detect tyres air pressure, load, and wear. 

It offers 30 tyres models and has around 3000 dealers around the world.

9. TVS Eurogrip -(TVS Tyres)

TVS Srichakra/TVS Tyres is India’s prominent manufacturer and exports of Two-Wheeler and Off-highways tyres. 

It was established in 1982 by T.V Sundram lyengar, headquartered in Chennai.

The company has around 3000 dealers in India and exports to more than 0 countries. It has a significant role in OEM and aftermarket segments in the market. 

Tvs Eurogrip manufactures two and three-wheelers tyres, farm and implements tyres, and other specialist-use tyres like industrial pneumatic, skid-steer, multi-purpose, and floatation tyres.

TVS Eurogrip aims to produce environmentally sustainable and superior quality tyres. It is ISO 45001 certified in 2018 for OH Safety

10. Metro Tyres

Metro Tyre company

Steadily moving on the road of progress since its inception in 1968, Metro Tyres, the flagship company of the Metro Group, is the most reliable name in its niche segment of bicycle, two-wheeler, and three-wheeler tyres & tubes in India.

With a manufacturing capacity of close to 30 million tyres and 30 million tubes annually, Metro Tyres commands a 60% share of the cycle rickshaw tyres and tubes market, and a 24% share of the bicycle tyres and tubes market in India.

Today, Metro Tyres is a USD 140 million conglomerate with 7 state-of-the-art manufacturing units, 10,000+ dealerships across the country, and a presence in 53+ countries worldwide.

In consonance with its astounding track record, Metro Tyres is considered to be a key player in both domestic and overseas markets and has been hailed as “India’s Most Promising Brand for 2014-15.

Metro’s technical collaboration with Germany’s Continental AG, has greatly enhanced its position as a leader in the Indian tyre industry.

The company proudly conforms to TS-16949:2009 standards in all its units and meets the Indian and international standards for its various products, viz., ISI, ASTM, T&RA, JATMA and ETRTO. All its 7 manufacturing plants are ISO 14001:2004 certified.

Indian Tyre Companies

According to various sources, the tyre volume demand in India is expected to grow by seven to eight percent during the fiscal year 2017-2018 and 2018-2019.

According to ICRA, this growth will be fueled by higher OEM and stable replacement demand for tyres.

Replacement demand for the Truck and Buses (T&B) is likely to pick up to five percent in the fiscal year 2018, the ICRA report states.

Current and Future scenario of Indian Tyre Companies

Due to Covid -19 pandemic, the Indian tyre market faced a contradiction. 

“According to the ICRS, the Indian tyre industry is predicted to increase 13-15 % in unit terms and 7-9 % tonnes during the year 2022”.

In the past two years, vehicle production fell around 13 %-15%, while domestic demand contracted by 8 %. 

Domestic tyre demand will see growth at a CAGR of 7-9% ( in units) between FY22 and FY 25, supported by replacement demand, a pick-up in OEM demand, and exports, the various reports state. 

Wrap Up

As India emerges as one of the biggest markets for passenger and commercial vehicles as well as off-the-road (OTR) automobiles, the demand for the tyre is all set to increase.

Already, several major Indian companies are gearing their production facilities to cater to the anticipated demand.

This scenario will also lead to a spurt in the number of tyres imported from the Far East into India by small traders and enterprises.

Hence, the Indian tyre companies- organized and unorganized, are set to witness a boom.

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