10 Best Hair Colors for Women in India

Experimenting with looks is a trend most people follow these days. From trying different clothes to wearing a badass hair color, the generation of today is trying to be everything but cliche.

Social media is flooded with cool pictures of myriad hair colors that range from platinum blond to the brightest hue of pink. You can experiment with your hair and flaunt a different side of you.

Hair color brands these days offer a wide range of hair colors that you can pull off anytime. This article is your go-to guide for purchasing your favourite hair color from the best hair color brands in India.

Going to a salon can be expensive, so many women prefer to color their tresses at home. However, colouring at home requires proper knowledge and precision.

A few decades ago, hair was dyed only when it turned white due to age and was probably done to look younger and attractive than the actual age.

Best hair Color in India

List of 10 Best Hair Color in India.

1. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color

LOreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color 10 Best Hair Colors for Women in India

Waiting for a perfect starter? Try one of the best hair color by L’Oreal Paris. For the starters, hair coloring can be a daunting task.

If you are looking for classic hair color s like black, and other shades of brown, try out this one.

It can conceal all your grey hair and make you look younger. You can prepare it easily at home and apply it to your hair on your own.

With this hair color, you get four things- protective coloring creme, creme developer, scalp comfort shampoo, and the French rose oil nourishing mask.

After you open the box, mix the developer and the creme color to get the desired shade. Then, after 30 minutes or so, you can cleanse your hair with the shampoo. To make the color last longer and prevent any damage, you can apply the nourishing mask to your hair.

It doesn’t contain ammonia and contains the goodness of French rose oil.

For better and even results, give pre-color protective treatment to your hair that I will discuss at the end of this article.

Approximate price (72 ml + 100 g) – Rs 500/-

2. Garnier Color Naturals Crème hair color

Garnier Color Naturals Creme hair color edited 10 Best Hair Colors for Women in India

Natural shades will never go out of fashion. If you don’t want to experiment much with your hair, then you should try out this color range by Garnier. It is ammonia-free and safe to use at home.

The package comes with a color ant, developer, conditioner, and a pair of gloves. Gloves make it easier to apply the color and ensure safety. 

You just have to mix the developer and color ant in a plastic bowl and apply the color with the help of gloves. Use the conditioner to wash off your hair.

The hair color comes with the richness of almonds, olive oil, and avocado oil. Their essence nourishes your hair and makes them shine.

If you have grey hair, you can use this hair color too.

Approximate price ( 70 ml + 60 g) – Rs 153/-

3. L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Hair Color

LOreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Hair Color 1 edited 10 Best Hair Colors for Women in India

The worst thing about hair color s is that they fade away with every wash. But this hair color – L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Hair Color is made to last up to 28 washes (shampoo wash). Isn’t it amazing?

It gives a natural-looking shade to your hair that shines bright all day. 

Mix the color in no time and apply it to your hair. Leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it thoroughly with the conditioner and enjoy the color.

This range of hair color comes in 11 shades and is perfect for beginners. 

It comes with color protect shampoo that lasts up to 30 washes. You don’t need to invest much in buying a different shampoo with this hair color.

Approximate price ( 72 ml + 87.5 g ) – Rs 440/-

4. Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Colour 10 Best Hair Colors for Women in India

Are you bold & confident enough to try a vibrant shade? Or are you fed up with all the mainstream color s? If yes, then this color range is exclusively for you.

Get ready to ‘go crazy’ with this Crazy Color series.  Try all the quirky shades and transform your personality. 

Give your hair a punch of burgundy or color them bright red- the choice is yours.

However, you need to bleach your hair first (if you are brunette) to get the exact color. You have to invest extra money to bleach your hair and shampoo.

This best hair color is quite expensive and comes in bold shades. Therefore, only purchase if you want to experiment with your hair.

Always perform a patch test and give pre-color protective treatment to your hair for the best results.

Approximate price ( 10 g ) – Rs 750/-

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5. BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Color

BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Colour edited 10 Best Hair Colors for Women in India

This hair color pack comes with three components that give you professional hair-finish.

It has a developer, a colorant, a unique shine tonic, and a pair of gloves that give you protection.

Use this color to hide your gray hair or give a whole new look to yourself. 

Some of the most popular shades available in this color range include- blue-black, reddish-brown, deep burgundy, etc.

It is known to last up to eight weeks after applying. To use this color range, you have to mix the developer, the color, and the shine tonic. Leave the color for 30 minutes.

This color range is quite affordable. However, it is advised to take precautions while using it at home. For the best results, it is recommended to use shampoo and conditioners of the same brand.

Approximate price ( 8 ml + 100 g) – Rs 170/-

6. Streax Ultralights Highlighting Kit for Women & Men

Streax Ultralights Highlighting Kit for Women Men edited 10 Best Hair Colors for Women in India

Give your hair highlighted shades or color them all. This hair color range by Streax will give you the tresses of your dreams. Choose any of the myriad shades and give yourself a whole new look.

The hair color kit comes with four components- a developer, a colorant cream, an ultra-shine conditioner, and two highlighting brushes. With the help of brushes, you can give a mixture of shades to your hair.

The unique thing about Streax among best hair color is that it is enriched with argan oil and walnut oil that give strength to your hair follicles.

Hair coloring is cumbersome sometimes, and it often gives unsatisfactory results. But with this hair coloring kit, you have everything that you need.

Approximate price (Pack of 2 – 120 ml each ) – Rs 290/-

7. Revlon Top Speed Hair Color Woman

Revlon Top Speed Hair Color Woman 10 Best Hair Colors for Women in India

If you are a busy person and looking for best hair color brand and a quicker way to color your hair, then this color range is perfect for you.

It comes with gloves and a comb. The comb has two slots- one for the color ant and the other for the developer. Just squeeze and put both creams on the comb and apply on your hair. Just wait for five minutes and then wash your hair and apply the conditioner for a better finish.

In fifteen minutes, at the most, you’re done! How easy is that!

It is ammonia-free and enriched with ginseng extract that makes your hair lustrous and protects it from damage.

Approximate price ( 180 g ) – Rs 560/-

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8. MANIC PANIC Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream

MANIC PANIC Semi Permanent Hair Color Cream 10 Best Hair Colors for Women in India

Manic Panic is another set of semi-permanent hair colors. It is easy to apply and ammonia-free. 

The color ranges from deep blue to a red shade. 

Try this range if you are tired of the mundane colors or if you want to be different from the rest. Mani Panic is your go-to if you are looking for an array of vibrant hues.

However, you need to purchase bleaching cream and developer separately. 

Choosing a brighter color has always been a bold choice, not only because of the color but because of the effect these colors have on your hair. They often leave your hair dry and rough.

Therefore, if you have made up your mind to buy a vibrant shade, you need to take care of your hair.

Approximate price ( 136 g ) – Rs 680/-

9. Indus Valley Natural Damage-Free Gel Color for Hair

Indus Valley Natural Damage Free Gel Colour for Hair 10 Best Hair Colors for Women in India

With this gel hair color, you get a combination of things that make your hair coloring experience at home easier than ever. The pack contains- hair color powder, gel tube, color protect shampoo and conditioner tube, hair spa mask, applicator brush with a comb, and a pair of gloves.

Wash your hair and dry them, then apply the color and wait for half an hour, wash it, and apply conditioner.

It doesn’t contain hydrogen peroxide and contains the essence of aloe vera, basil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, to name a few.

Approximate price ( 300 g ) – Rs 535/-

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10. L’Oreal Dark Brown Professionnel Paris Majirel Hair Color

LOreal Dark Brown Professionnel Paris Majirel Hair Coloring Cream 10 Best Hair Colors for Women in India

L’Oreal’s Majirel hair color is for you if you want a professional hair finish. You can also use it if you want to cover your grey hair.

It is a long-lasting color that gives a radiant finish to your hair. 

It comes in a tube form so you can apply it within minutes. Wait for thirty minutes for the color to develop and then wash it off.

Approximate price ( 49.5 g ) – Rs 308/-

Should we use Hair Color?

Few people recommend that “No, coloring hair will make them worse in future, that’s why hair should not be colored”, but this is not true.

There are so many chemical-free or less hazardous hair colors available online. These hair color not only gives natural color to your hair but also nourishes them.

And when it comes to look attractive, it becomes very important to grooming the hair in a special way, for which it is necessary to have a natural shine and attractive color in the hair.

Before purchasing the right brand, you need to take a few precautions. Some of them are mentioned here-

Precautions to be taken while using hair color

Hair colors contain various chemicals that can potentially cause allergy. They are also known to damage your hair and make them dry and rough in texture.

These brands are doing their best to produce the safest hair colors. But still, the effect of the product can vary from individual to individual.

Therefore, to have the least side effects, you should do the following things before using hair color on locks.

  • Always read the instructions before use it. Although instructions are roughly the same, they may change from brand to brand.
  • Never use a metal container. Always use a plastic container.
  • Don’t bring the mixture close to your nose or inhale the mixture.
  • Never use your bare hands. Always use plastic or rubber gloves.
  • Don’t mix one color with another. It can induce unwanted results.
  • To know if you are allergic to the color or not, perform a patch test. Take some mixed color and apply it on the skin behind your ear (just a little bit). Keep it for two days and check if you develop any itchiness or redness in that area. If you did develop itchiness/redness, you should rule out the brand.
  • Don’t keep the color on your hair longer than recommended. 


Everyone wants to color their hair these days. But hair coloring has its precaution and safety issues. When applied with proper knowledge and precision, you can easily flaunt a look. Therefore, before purchasing the best hair color for you, it is important to know-it-all.

Hair coloring can add an extra punch to your personality. But it deteriorates hair quality too. To avoid this problem, always perform a patch test and give pre-color protective treatment to your hair. Pre-color protective is a treatment given to your hair before bleaching or coloring to prevent excess discolor ation or hair damage.

It includes normal hair-washing, serum application, protein-rich pre-color treatment, etc. it ranges from hair color to hair type. It is best to undergo such a treatment before coloring your hair for better results.

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